Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 926 - So well-behaved that one's heart would melt

Chapter 926: So well-behaved that one’s heart would melt

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Meanwhile, at the Ye family old residence:

In the courtyard, Liang Mei Xuan was having her morning tea as she placed the teacup in her hand down, agitated. “Yiyi, are you serious? Xu Lin’s script was actually sold to Ye Mu Fan? Were you mistaken…”

“Don’t worry, mom. I already got someone to verify it. There’s no mistake about it.”

Liang Mei Xuan’s eyes lit up instantly. “Then we can make use of this incident to mess with that guy, right?!”

Ye Yiyi sipped her tea elegantly and replied, “Xu Lin stole the work of our company’s gold medal screenwriter and Age of the Immortals media actually bought the stolen work, so obviously, they won’t get away with it. From what I know, Ye Mu Fan already started filming and a large sum of money was invested into it. If they lose the lawsuit, they won’t be able to film and all the money that was spent would be for naught.”

Liang Mei Xuan was in a good mood after hearing that. “A few days ago, your grandpa and grandma actually praised Ye Mu Fan in front of me. They said he’s capable and is starting to make progress!”

“Hng, that bastard. He merely started a small company – what’s there to be happy about? Great, if your grandpa and grandma find out Ye Mu Fan stole Emperor Sky’s script to film, how do you think they’ll feel?”

Ye Yiyi’s eyes glistened. “Grandpa and grandma would never trust him again.”

Liang Mei Xuan sneered, “Hng, that chap still gave a flowery speech and purposefully twisted the truth. He actually managed to get your grandparents to believe him and your father had to find someone else to take the blame! Yiyi, you must make good use of this opportunity. Let’s see how that guy is going to get out of this!”

Ye Yiyi confidently said, “I already got someone to take care of everything, and we have the evidence too. We’ll win this lawsuit for sure. Mom, I already said this before – we just had to wait patiently for an opportunity and with Ye Mu Fan’s character, he’ll just cause his own death.”

Liang Mei Xuan said loftily, “Yiyi, you’re right. My daughter is the smartest! Those two siblings are so dumb – add them together and they couldn’t even compare to you! We don’t have to worry about them at all!”

Little Garden House:

After Ye Wanwan words killed Ye Mu Fan within seconds, Ye Mu Fan didn’t have anything to say anymore.

Ye Wanwan rushed downstairs hurriedly and saw Tangtang sitting by the dining table, eating his breakfast.

The little guy was sitting on a stool and eating his breakfast mechanically.

Last night, Ye Wanwan was up all night worrying she wouldn’t be able to take good care of the child.

After searching on the internet, she saw how many parents complained about their children’s problems and how difficult it was to take care of them. She realized she had many things to pay attention to when taking care of a child and how challenging it was to raise a child. Reading all this caused insomnia for Ye Wanwan…

Ye Wanwan was already prepared for the worst and all kinds of unexpected situations.

However, she hadn’t expected that on her first morning of taking care of the little boy, there wouldn’t be any fuss at all.

The little guy woke up himself, put on his own clothes, washed up and sat at the dining table by himself. He wasn’t picky about his food either and ate everything that was prepared for him.

This child was so well-behaved that one’s heart could melt…

Ye Wanwan walked over with mixed feelings in her heart and said gently, “Tangtang, is the food okay for you?”

The little fella placed his chopsticks down and waited till he was done chewing his food before he answered: “Okay.”


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