Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 923 - Will you abandon me again?

Chapter 923: Will you abandon me again?

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Ye Wanwan looked at the little boy on the sofa who looked like a small dumpling as he sleepily rubbed his eyes and called her mommy. All her anger dissipated instantly. She was moe-ed to the point where her heart was a mess…

Nie Tang Xie asked, “Is it important?”

The words lingering on Ye Wanwan’s lips immediately changed. “Uh… mommy wanted to say… a growing child must never go to bed late – this is really important! Mommy will take you upstairs to sleep!”

Nie Tang Xiao: “En.”

Thus, Ye Wanwan, who wanted to chase him away, inexplicably took the little boy upstairs to sleep.

Since she wasn’t prepared for a guest at all, she could only set Nie Tang Xiao down in the guestroom. After all, they had just “met,” so she was afraid that if she suddenly got too close, the child might not be used to it. It would be better to give him some time to adjust…

Uh, why was she already thinking about allowing him to adjust? Hadn’t she just decided to throw in the towel and quit already?

Ye Wanwan had just covered the little guy in a blanket when a notification popped up on her phone. It seemed like someone had sent her a WeChat message.

Ye Wanwan tapped on her phone and she saw that in the group chat containing only her and Iceberg man, there were a few messages…

[Your friend Dead Man has received your red packet]

[Your friend Dead Man has received your red packet]

[Your friend Dead Man has left the group]

Ye Wanwan: “…”


How could there be such a shameless person on Earth? He actually collected all the red packets before leaving the group!

She sent two red packets with two different amounts and that guy actually accepted both without leaving a single cent!

Ye Wanwan gripped her phone so tightly that it squeaked. Her rage had instantly reached 100!

Bloody h*ll. If I take this lying down, my last name isn’t Ye!

In the next second, Ye Wanwan’s eyes landed on the little fella lying in bed with a blanket over him and his tiny hand on the bed frame.

Immediately, the sinister look on her face turned into a fine drizzle; she was afraid she would scare the little fella.

*Cough cough* “Tangtang, go to bed. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight, mommy.”

Ye Wanwan tucked him in then turned off the lights.

Just as she was about to leave, the little fella behind her suddenly called out to her.


Ye Wanwan stopped in her tracks. “Tangtang, what’s the matter?”

In the dark, she could hear the little fella’s young and immature yet slightly cold and distant voice. “…will mommy abandon me again?”

Upon hearing this, Ye Wanwan’s heart thumped hard and she felt uncontrollably guilty. Could it be that he discovered something?

Ye Wanwan: “No, I won’t…”

If I was your mother, I would never abandon you again for sure.

Nie Tang Xiao’s appearance had really messed up many of Ye Wanwan’s plans.

Since a certain someone was so unreliable, she had to go online and research how to take care of a child then she instructed Jiaojiao and fatty to prepare some necessities.

While she was researching, Ye Wanwan thought of something and researched a little on the Nie clan due to all the unexpected recent events. She also searched Nameless Nie’s name as well as Nie Tang Xiao’s.

As expected, the information she gathered was all useless.

She already guessed that Nameless Nie and the others didn’t have a simple background and after being rescued by Nie Tang Xiao’s two bodyguards, it further confirmed her suspicions.

She only met these people by chance, so she didn’t think much of it at first and didn’t want to get too close to them. Even regarding this little boy, after Nameless Nie found his biological mother, they would have no relations with one another anymore…

For some inexplicable reason, after she met Tangtang, she started to feel strangely bothered by it…

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