Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 921 - Nameless Nie, get out right now!

Chapter 921: Nameless Nie, get out right now!

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Late at night.

Si Ming Li’s family fled the country; just Si Ye Han’s side alone was enough to beat them black and blue, not to mention the Nie clan.

Thankfully, they were careful enough and had always been making moves behind the scenes without showing their faces at all. Otherwise, they would have nowhere to hide.

“Damn it, that woman’s lucky!” Si Ming Li was upset.

“Father, what’s most important is retaining our power. As long as we have Mr. Eric, we can make a comeback sooner or later!” Si Yi Qian persuaded.

“Let’s go!” Si Ming Li gritted his teeth and finally got onto the helicopter reluctantly.

Seeing Imperial City beneath them getting farther and farther away, he had a darkness in his eyes.

Si Ye Han and that little b*tch… I’ll be back again!

Country M:

There was complete silence in the spacious presidential suite.

Si Ye Han sat on the sofa with a gloominess between his brows.

A youth in a black suit stood in front of the man with a solemn look and reported, “Madam is back in the little garden house. Before our men arrived, she had already left. There was another group of power who appeared and helped her, but we haven’t gotten information about where this power came from yet; we’ll make sure to find out soon!”

Although the five people in the little house of Rose were experts, as a safety precaution, Si Ye Han had still sent his man over secretly.

His men didn’t show up earlier because Si Ye Han wanted to find out who the mastermind was; otherwise, it would be like cutting the grass without pulling the weeds out – there would be no end of trouble in the future.

However, he didn’t expect that before his men could make a move, another power appeared out of nowhere…

Si Ye Han rapped his fingers against the icy-cold glass coffee table, an indication of his uneasiness.

Although he had already made sure she was very safe, he still had a bad feeling in his heart…

After Ye Wanwan brought the little fella back, she encountered another troublesome issue.

Where’s Tangtang going to stay?

Si Ye Han would return very soon and if Tangtang lived with her, it would definitely be inconvenient. What if Si Ye Han saw him…

However, she couldn’t just let such a young child live somewhere else by himself. After all, he came all the way there to see his mother.

“Tangtang, take a seat first. Mommy will go settle some stuff. I’ll be back real soon,” Ye Wanwan said gently.

Nie Tang Xiao: “Okay.”

Ye Wanwan took her phone out and walked out to the courtyard.

Behind her, Nie Tang Xiao looked at the back figure of the girl rushing out and his eyes dropped.

After Ye Wanwan was in the courtyard, she immediately tapped open a WeChat group with the five people and typed furiously—

[Famous Ye: Name.less.Nie. COME OUT RIGHT NOW!!!]

There was silence in the group chat; not a single person replied.

Ye Wanwan didn’t have any other choice. She could only grit her teeth and send a red pocket.

In the end, nobody accepted the red packet at all this time.

Ye Wanwan scoffed and sent a $100 red packet.

Still, not a single person accepted it.

Strictly speaking, nobody  dared  to accept it.

At this moment, under a certain bridge in Imperial City, there were five people squatting there secretly.

After viewing the messages in the WeChat group, Nameless Nie’s hands shivered. He looked at his men and said, “All of you return to Famous Ye!”

Spray of Flowers, who almost tapped open the red pocket, restrained his hands which were almost going out-of-control and he shook his head with terror. “What? I… I’m not going! Stinking devotee, you go! Quick! Captain is calling you! You’re captain’s most trusted confidant, eh!”

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