Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 918 - I can visit mommy

Chapter 918: I can visit mommy

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Ye Wanwan felt as if nine lightning strikes were coming at her at once.

At the same time, all the dots on her head started to connect…

This child said his surname was Nie and Ye Wanwan thought he looked very familiar when she first saw him. Now, he suddenly told her that he was her son…

And I definitely don’t have a son!


This… this child… might be… Nameless Nie’s nephew!!!

Everything was a mess lately and although she had her suspicions, she hadn’t thought about it too much.

She only saw that child over a video call and didn’t really see his face clearly. Also, this child’s clothes were very different from the child in the video call that day – he was dressed in all black before. So, she only felt he was vaguely familiar and really didn’t recognize him at all!

The most important thing was why hadn’t that Nameless Nie guy mentioned this beforehand so she could prepare herself, huh!

In the end, she didn’t suspect that this child was Nameless Nie’s nephew at all!

At the moment, Ye Wanwan was staring blankly at the little fella in front of her and was about to lose her mind!

That idiot Nameless Nie! How could he not have informed me at all?! I wasn’t prepared for this! Who’s going to tell me anything?! What am I going to do now?

This is unbelievable; I should simply just quit and not do anything!

The little boy still had his little arm extended at this point and he was looking at her with his little head.

Seeing the little fella’s empty little hand, Ye Wanwan came to her senses and her heart softened. She extended her arm and shook the little guy’s tiny hands gently. “Hello…”

The little guy stared at his tiny hand held by Ye Wanwan and pursed his lips. He looked even cuter than before.

The two bodyguards behind him looked at each other at the same time. Young master actually… allowed someone to touch him…

Tang Bin and Song Qiang had just calmed themselves down from the excitement and had to go through another round of excitement – they were completely dumbfounded now.

Whoa! This little boy is actually… actually the master’s son!!!

Master actually has a son this age already?

And it seems like master didn’t even recognize her own son eh?

She’s truly worthy of being the master… she’s awesome…

I wonder how many peach blossoms debt she has, huh…

After saying just “hello,” Ye Wanwan was stuck and she racked her brain for something to say for a long time but couldn’t come up with anything.

Ye Wanwan: “Uh, Nie Tang Xiao, right… can I call you Tangtang?”

The little fella nodded. “Okay.”

Ye Wanwan had a headache as she took a deep breath – she hadn’t colluded and planned with Nameless Nie beforehand, so she could only improvise right now.

So, Ye Wanwan said, “So you’re Tangtang, really sorry about that. Mommy didn’t recognize you just now. I talked to your uncle before and wanted to visit you, but I’ve been too busy lately so my visit was delayed…”

Little boy: “That’s okay, mommy is busy. I can visit mommy myself.”

Ye Wanwan’s heart inexplicably melted after she heard that. hat an obedient child!

Why did Nameless Nie keep talking badly about him and called him a little devil?

Ye Wanwan immediately gritted her teeth when she thought of Nameless Nie. “Where’s your uncle then? Didn’t he come along with you?”

That bastard Nameless Nie! Where did he go?! I can’t handle this on my own!

The little fella replied, “Uncle dropped me off and left.”

Ye Wanwan nodded. “Oh, oh, I see…”

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