Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 906 - I'll double it

Chapter 906: I’ll double it

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“Noise of Dragons mercenary group… Tang Long?!”

Upon hearing Tang Long’s self-introduction, the bearded man and long-haired man were stunned.

The Noise of Dragons mercenary group wasn’t scary, but the captain of this group, Tang Long, was…

The long-haired man and bearded man weren’t dumb. They already knew what was going to happen the moment Tang Long appeared.

“I’ll kill you!”

In a split second, the bearded man stretched his arm towards Tang Long. As long as he subdued Tang Long, nothing would happen!

However, before the bearded man could get any closer, Tang Long leaned to the side slightly and lifted his right leg.


In the hall, a sound broke the silence.

All they saw was Tang Long with two hands in his pockets while his right leg swept outwards – his body moved in a flash and his movements were swift.

The bearded man didn’t even know what happened and he was in disbelief as he was sent flying across the hall by an unbelievably strong force.

“How dare you hit my Qiang-ge!”

Watching this situation, the long-haired man bellowed and raised his palm, about to attack Tang Long.

“Sorry, I don’t like to be rough, so I suggest you better stop.” Tang Long had his arms behind his back and he stood in the same spot as his body moved slightly. The long-haired man attacked him over ten times, but Tang Long managed to dodge every single one of them easily – he didn’t even manage to touch a strand of hair on Tang Long’s head.

“You’re courting death!” The long-haired man was furious. This Tang Long is trying to embarrass me, huh?!

Seeing as the long-haired man was becoming more aggressive, Tang Long sighed softly. After that, he performed a move they had never seen before – his right elbow knocked harshly against the long-haired man’s face.

In the next second, the exact same thing happened to the long-haired man – he flew across and landed far away.

“You… you’re dead meat… Tang Long, you can’t be here… you’ve offended the master…”

While the bearded man was still jabbering on, Tang Long waved him off with annoyance and got his men to drag them out.

“Sorry, I’ve dirtied your room.”

Tang Long wiped the bloodstains on his hand then bowed at Ye Wanwan as an apology.

“Who sent you guys?” Ye Wanwan looked at Tang Long and asked coldly.

“Miss Ye, this is a secret mission. According to our code of conduct, we need to keep the identity of our employer confidential. So, we are unable to tell Miss Ye. I hope Miss Ye doesn’t mind,” Tang Long said in a well-mannered way.

“How much did your employer pay you? I’ll double it if you get rid of him for me,” Ye Wanwan said.

This person’s movements were so quick that even Ye Wanwan couldn’t see them clearly. He must’ve been an expert among experts. Ye Wanwan knew the extent of her abilities and knew there was no way she could be a match for this Tang Long.

However, mercenaries only accepted assignments for money and she could offer much more.

“Haha, Miss Ye, that’s really very tempting. However, that does violate the rules of our profession.” Tang Long laughed.

“I’ll triple it,” Ye Wanwan said.

“Miss Ye, very sorry but this isn’t about the money.” Tang Long shook his head.

“Four times more.” Ye Wanwan put out four fingers.

“Unfortunately, I’ve already signed a contract. Otherwise, I might really make a deal with Miss Ye,” Tang Long said helplessly

If he was a turncoat, the mercenary trade union would never tolerate it.

“Five times – this is the highest I’ll go,” Ye Wanwan offered.

“Since that’s the case, if Miss Ye survives this round, I would be more than willing to work with you in the future. But this time, I can’t do anything about it,” Tang Long said.

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