Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 866 - Then you're not afraid of scaring me?

Chapter 866: Then you’re not afraid of scaring me?

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Was it when she clung onto that man when she was drunk or that night when the gathering at the bar ended and she left with that man? Or was it when she was trying to be discreet but she somehow forgot to close the door and I saw everything?

Or it might’ve even been earlier…

When that man was slightly tipsy, he kissed Ye Bai right in front of me and that was the start of his oath to sovereignty…

They were both men and 9th Si made it so obvious and intentional in front of Han Xian Yu – it was impossible for him not to have suspected a thing.

If you truly liked a person, you wouldn’t be able to hide it.

Seeing that Han Xian Yu didn’t have anything more to say, and it was such an awkward question so Ye Wanwan obviously didn’t probe further, she just said helplessly, “Xian Yu, sorry. I didn’t mean to hide it from you, but you know it’s quite hard to talk about this sort of thing even with one’s closest friends, right…”

“I understand.” Han Xian Yu nodded then he asked, “Does Gong Xu know about this?”

Ye Wanwan held her head. “Gong Xu found out by accident – that guy was fighting for my attention that day and nothing proper came out from his mouth. 9th Si was there that day too and he was just running his mouth. Seeing that 9th Si was about to misunderstand my relationship with Gong Xu, I could only take action right in front of Gong Xu to prove my innocence!”

There was no point in hiding anymore, so Ye Wanwan simply went for the truth.

Han Xian Yu looked at her, puzzled. “Are the two of you dating right now? Then what about that girlfriend you mentioned before…”

Ye Wanwan explained, “Actually, I was referring to him – the girlfriend thing was just a cover, especially for that Luo Chen. He’s a little sensitive about such issues and I was afraid I might scare him, so I kept it a secret. Oh right, you have to help me keep this a secret, don’t blurt it out accidentally and let him find out about it…”

Han Xian Yu raised his brows and looked at her. “You’re worried about scaring Luo Chen? Then what about me?”

Ye Wanwan choked a little. “Uh…”

Han Xian Yu chuckled. “Alright, I won’t tease you anymore. As your friend, I obviously respect your choice and it’s your freedom whether you like men or women. You’re not causing trouble for others anyway and this isn’t something shameful.”

Ye Wanwan was really touched when she heard this; no wonder Han Xian Yu’s fans always called him “Little Angel”!

Han Xian Yu was simply too kind and understanding!

Han Xian Yu’s face turned slightly gloomy as he then said, “But there’s something I think you ought to know.”

Ye Wanwan had a bad feeling about this. “What is it?”

Han Xian Yu considered his words carefully then said, “One time, Xin-jie and I bumped into 9th Si when we went to watch a movie and we saw… that he was with a girl. At that time, I didn’t see how the girl looked like but the two of them were very intimate… did you know about this?”

Uh, I totally forgot about this!

That time, she asked Si Ye Han out to catch a movie together but in the end, they saw Han Xian Yu and Qiao Ke Xin at the theatre. Han Xian Yu and Qiao Ke Xin were startled by the couple behind them so they suddenly turned back and in order to block her face, Si Ye Han kissed her…

Han Xian Yu saw the entire thing and although he didn’t see her, he definitely recognized Si Ye Han!

Haha, if I said that… your bro is that woman – would you believe me?

Ye Wanwan sighed. “En, that, actually, he was turned gay by me… before we knew each other, we both liked girls, so we aren’t really considered GAYS but the people we like now just happen to be guys…”

Han Xian Yu: “…”  He turned him gay…

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