Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 864 - What are you so darn good looking for?

Chapter 864: What are you so darn good looking for?

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That worked?

I thought I was scr*wed this time…

Even Ye Wanwan herself didn’t expect she would actually be able to hoodwink Luo Chen, not to mention the others.

Gong Xu stared at Luo Chen and his jaw almost dropped. “Luo Chen, are you for real? He pounced onto that man the moment he stepped in, kissed him and even said he loves him – how could this be just messing around…”

Luo Chen furrowed his brows. “What are you trying to say? Didn’t Ye-ge just explain it?”

Gong Xu was dumbfounded. “Sh*t, your IQ is just…”

Ye Wanwan hurriedly charged over and smacked Gong Xu on the head then she warned him in a low voice, “Shut the h*ll up!”

She then turned to Luo Chen immediately. *cough* “Everything’s okay, Luo Chen. Don’t listen to his nonsense! This guy just wants to stir some trouble; don’t ever listen to a word he says, understand?”

Luo Chen nodded. “En.”

Gong Xu: “…”  Who’s the one talking nonsense, eh?! You’re a big fat liar!

Fortunately… Luo Chen didn’t doubt her at all…

With the greatest issue settled, Ye Wanwan heaved a sigh of relief then she pulled Gong Xu harshly and warned him sternly, “If you dare to speak any rubbish to Luo Chen, I’ll make sure I kill you – you hear me?”

Gong Xu felt like he suffered an injustice. His eyes turned watery as he glared at Luo Chen with jealousy.

He thought the person with the lowest status in the house was Luo Chen, but right now it seemed like Ye-ge held a higher regard for Luo Chen than him…

“Ah! What a painful realization! Am I the one you love the most? Why aren’t you talking…” Gong Xu wailed and ran out of the office crying.

Ye Wanwan held her head. “…”

Alas, the bomb was gone…

However, the crisis wasn’t resolved yet…

Ye Wanwan looked at Han Xian Yu thoughtfully – Luo Chen was innocent and with the trust he had in her, he wasn’t suspicious of her at all. He’d believe whatever she said, but as for Han Xian Yu…

Ye Wanwan pinched her brows. “Well… Xian Yu…”

Han Xian Yu had the same warm smile on his face and he said, “Go ahead and have your lunch. I won’t interrupt you any longer; I’ll talk to you about the film site later.”

Ye Wanwan: “Uh… alright…”

Luo Chen: “Ye-ge, I’ll take my leave now too!”

“Go on…”

Han Xian Yu and Luo Chen left the office one after another.


Before he left the office, Han Xian Yu stopped in his tracks and took a glimpse at the man on the sofa.

Luo Chen: “Senior Xian Yu, what is it?”

Han Xian Yu returned to his normal self very quickly. “Nothing much, let’s go!”

In the office:

After Gong Xu, Luo Chen and Han Xian Yu left, only Ye Wanwan and Si Ye Han were left in the room.

After making sure the three of them had really left, Ye Wanwan collapsed onto the sofa. “Bbb-beauty… beauty attracts trouble… finally managed to turn it around…”

She turned to Si Ye Han and extended her arms. “It’s all your fault – what are you so darn good looking for?!”

Before Ye Wanwan’s fingers could reach him, Si Ye Han said, “Han Xian Yu…”

Ye Wanwan retracted her arms in an instant with a “swish.” She stood up and looked around frantically. “Where, where where?!”

Si Ye Han was speechless and continued, “Did Han Xian Yu believe your explanation?”

Ye Wanwan slapped her chest. “Baby, don’t take such long pauses when you talk, alright? You might scare me to death!”

Si Ye Han: “…or are you feeling guilty like a thief.”

Since when!!!

Ye Wanwan scoffed and stomped over ferociously. “Since when was I ever a thief, since when did I steal, since when was I guilty?! You were mine from the start!”

As for Han Xian Yu…

“I’m not sure whether he believed me or not…”

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