Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 861 - Showing off

Chapter 861: Showing off

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The two of them were eager to get married all along, but because Ye Wanwan called off the engagement abruptly during the birthday banquet, Gu Yue Ze was caught by surprise and was embarrassed, so it had to be pushed back.

Fearing that Ye Wanwan would be affected, Ye Mu Fan hurriedly comforted her, “Wanwan, it isn’t worth getting upset over that kind of man… If you’re unhappy, I’ll help you beat him up!”

Feeling helpless but at the same time, moved, Ye Wanwan replied, “Ge, I’m no longer a kid…”

She then blinked and looked at Ye Mu Fan. “Ge, have you ever heard of this saying: ‘You’re constantly thinking of your ex only because your new lover…'”

Ye Mu Fan realized he knew the ending when he heard the beginning, so he interrupted her with a straight face: “Because the new lover isn’t good enough, right… Yeah, well, you don’t have to show off anymore, okay? I got it, I know your new lover is much better…”

Ye Wanwan laughed. “What are you thinking? Since when have I showed off? I just wanted to say that I constantly thought of my ex because my brain was damaged in the past, but I have my IQ back right now! Of course, the fact that my baby’s so good-looking that he’s capable of causing the downfall of a city is also one of the main reasons…”

Ye Mu Fan: “…”

She just went in one big circle; isn’t this still showing off!!!

Late at night, Jin garden:

Si Ye Han was in the living room dealing with some business. It wasn’t known when he started using the living room for work.

Xu Yi was standing at the side respectfully.

Lately, master’s health had improved slightly. There was suddenly more work at the company now and with Miss Wanwan so busy as well, the two of them hadn’t met up as regularly, even though Miss Wanwan still checked in with Xu Yi about master’s life.

Looking at the profile of his master’s chilly face, Xu Yi hesitated for a long while until he couldn’t hold it in any longer and he said, ” Master, actually… you can take the initiative to go see Miss Wanwan… there should be some element of surprise when two people are together…”

His master really didn’t know a thing about dating and Xu Yi was getting anxious as he watched them.

Si Ye Han: “Surprise…”

Xu Yi nodded repeatedly in fear that his master still wouldn’t know what to do. He hurriedly explained, “Think about it – weren’t you very happy when Miss Wanwan suddenly went to the company to see you before?”

Si Ye Han: “…”

Well, even if his master was an iceberg, Xu Yi knew he must’ve been really happy. So, he continued, “So, if you take the initiative to see Miss Wanwan at her office and bring her a dessert or a small gift, don’t you think she would be really surprised?”

A faint light flashed in Si Ye Han’s eyes and the man who called him “boring” appeared in his mind…

Soon, Ye Wanwan chose an auspicious date to announce the news of Han Xian Yu joining the company.

In the end, the result was just as they expected – Cai Yong Sheng remained extremely silent and didn’t dare to do anything to them at all.

Worldwide issued an official statement and congratulated Ye Bai on his new company. Then they praised Han Xian Yu and passed on some good wishes like “We wish him a bright and beautiful future” and so on – a complete change in attitude of wanting to shut them out before…

Chu Hong Guang knew very clearly what the public was feeling and that they wouldn’t benefit from trying to fight with them, so it was better to make a generous gesture and give them his blessing.

On her way back to the company, Ye Wanwan’s mouth curled up when she saw Worldwide’s Weibo post.

On the surface, Chu Hong Guang was pretending to be very generous, but he probably hated her to the core and really wished she would go bankrupt and shut down, right?

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