Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 848 - Let me show you guys some good stuff

Chapter 848: Let me show you guys some good stuff

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The next day, the sun rose slowly. It was the start of a new day in Imperial City.

In the tea room of a certain high-class office building:

Two girls had their heads buried. They huddled together mysteriously and were swiping their phones intensely. They even screamed with an indescribable thrill from time to time.

“Ahhhhh! Too handsome, too handsome! How could he be so handsome?! I’m about to faint, oh!”

“Our hubbies are simply too compatible, right?!”

One of the two girls, who was screaming excitedly at the other, was Gong Xu’s die-hard fan while the other was Luo Chen’s die-hard fan. When Gong Xu and Luo Chen’s relationship was sour, the fans of these two artists were like fire and water as well.

A few girls from the back entered. When they saw that these two girls were huddled together so closely, it was like they had seen a meteorite crashing to Earth.

“Uh, Judy, Alice, what’s going on with the both of you?”

“Haha, that’s right. Don’t you guys hate each other to the core? What happened here?”

After the two of them saw their colleagues, they revealed foxy looks and pulled the others in like bandits then eagerly showed them the blog post from their phones.

“Big sis! Let me show you guys some good stuff!”

“Yes yes yes, I guarantee it’ll be good!”

“What are you girls looking at?” The few girls leaned over.

When they saw the magazine cover on their phones and the collage of the other photos in the magazine, they went silent for a second before they screamed at the same time.

“AHHHHHH! Oh god, oh god! So handsome! How could they look so good?! Is this a vampire and a hunter? It totally brings out that feeling!”

“Gong Xu looks so adorable in his velvet pajamas – it’s simply too moe! Luo Chen looks too good with spectacles, eh! Tsk tsk tsk, no wonder the two of you are so crazy over these two! I wanna be a fan too! What magazine is this? I’m going to buy it!”

“Come, come, come! Welcome to the club! I’ve already pre-ordered my copy!”

“Why didn’t I ever realize that Gong Xu and Luo Chen were actually so compatible, huh? Especially from these ‘homely’ photos – I’m basically being force-fed a mouthful of dog food!”

“Hahahaha, right? Right? Before, we always thought Gong Xu and Luo Chen weren’t on good terms, but now, we realized these two just had a love-hate relationship!”

The girls were looking at the photos excitedly when there was a loud thud – the girl behind them fainted holding her phone all of a sudden.

“Sh*t! Ann, Ann, are you okay?”

The girl hugged her phone and woke up in a daze. There were traces of tears on her face. “I have no regrets now…”

“Eh, don’t panic, don’t panic. Ann is a senior Fujoshi; she can’t take this sort of stimulus… she’s probably over stimulated…”

“Hahaha… can’t blame Ann for not being able to handle this! I’m not even a Fujoshi and I’m already melting, alright!”

Companies, schools, production teams, crowded streets and small alleys… in the morning, similar scenarios kept happening.

With the netizens sharing the good stuff all over, the upcoming issue of  VIVI featuring Luo Chen and Gong Xu on the cover had spread across all of Weibo and WeChat Moments. Luo Chen and Gong Xu kept appearing on the hot searches together, and #ChenXuCP #Topic broke through 100 million reads. The pre-order sales of  VIVI’s  upcoming issue was still crazily rising…

Beauty  sold 20,000 copies in a week, but  VIVI’s  flagship store already received 50,000 orders in just one morning and the numbers were still increasing…

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