Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 846 - Not necessarily so

Chapter 846: Not necessarily so

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“Chief editor Chai, please wait!” The one who called out was the movie queen, You Si Fei.

“Miss You, is there a problem?” Chai Yong Li stopped in his tracks.

You Si Fei mumbled, “I heard chief editor Chai has been going around telling everyone that… I flaked out on you and violated the contract?”

Chai Yong Li frowned and didn’t respond. He didn’t want to fight with an artist in public over such matters.

Xiao Yu Tong said coldly, “Although Miss You did, in fact, violate the contract,VIVI doesn’t take pleasure in gossiping behind people’s backs; how others think of you isn’t something we can control.”

You Si Fei’s manager sneered, “Xiao Yu Tong, everyone knows the state VIVI is in today. Our Si Fei was willing to be on the cover only because she values relationships and she did it for the sake of old friendships, but you guys actually dared to criticize the photos of our Si Fei…”

Xiao Yu Tong and Chai Yong Li’s faces turned ugly.

You Si Fei did agree to help them with the cover of this issue, but her attitude was as if she was giving money to beggars. They could tolerate all this, but they really couldn’t tolerate her unprofessionalism.

Not only was she late and made the crew wait, but she left after shooting for five minutes and in the end, the end products weren’t usable at all.

They merely asked for a retake on another day, but You Si Fei directly ended the contract and refused to retake the photos…

You Si Fei’s manager continued, “Since you guys don’t want the face we gave you, don’t blame us for being insensitive. Chief editor Chair, please get your crew members to stop being so shameless and harass me all the time, filling me with this garbage! Degrading our Si Fei!”

The woman spoke and threw a stack of documents at Chai Yong Li’s face.

The shooting plan Chai Yong Li prepared for months was scattered all over the floor…

At this moment, there were many people walking in and out of the door, and artists had crowded around, watching the show.

“Tsk, this Chai Yong Li really doesn’t know how to conduct himself. He actually infuriated the movie queen!”

“It was his fault to disregard the face that was given to him; it was truly lowering her standards for Movie Queen You to agree to be on their cover.”

“He still thinks he’s the godfather of the fashion industry? His taste is going from bad to worse and do you know what kind of artists he looks for now? This time, he actually got two men together on the cover – what a joke…”

Xiao Yu Tong looked at the documents that were trampled upon by passers-by and her eyes reddened with fury. “THESE ASSH*LES!!!”

Ye Wanwan bent over and picked up those pieces of paper that had footprints on them, one by one, and handed them over.

Xiao Yu Tong said gratefully, “Thank you…”

Chai Yong Li’s face turned ashen. “Yu Tong, forget it… they were right… maybe… I’m no longer suited for this industry… you should find another path soon; it’s been hard on you for sticking with me…”

Throughout the years, almost all the former staff of VIVI had been poached over by Beauty .

Xiao Yu Tong clenched her fists. “Chief editor, what nonsense are you spouting?! I would never leave VIVI …”

From the start of the magazine’s publication, she had worked alongside Chai Yong Li and she always respected his philosophy in fashion and work ethics.

Xiao Yu Tong was disappointed and muttered in exhaustion, “Too bad the entertainment industry is no longer a place where you can prove yourself as long as you’re capable…”

Ye Wanwan turned to Xiao Yu Tong and mumbled, “Not necessarily so.”

If the world is against you, you have to be so strong that nothing can stand in your way, not even the entire universe…

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