Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 831 - Pretty good luck

Chapter 831: Pretty good luck

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Cai Yong Li was stunned for a while then he knitted his brows and said, “Luo Chen? You want to have two grown men on the cover together? Mr. Ye, we’re a fashion magazine that targets the female audience and we’ve always had female artists on the cover ever since we started. We’ve never had two male artists together before.”

Cai Yong Li thought Ye Wanwan had one more artist under her, so after she made such a ridiculous suggestion, he couldn’t help but feel quite dissatisfied with her lack of professionalism.

As for Cai Yong Li’s doubts, Ye Wanwan already anticipated them beforehand, so she laughed. “Chief editor Cai, men have the consumption power and it’s exactly because your magazine targets the female audience that this arrangement might spark an unexpected outcome, right?”

What Ye Wanwan didn’t mention was the enormous group of closeted, crazy consumers.

Right now in the entertainment industry, nobody could ever expect this market to have such a huge influence in the future…

Ye Wanwan was about to continue when an anxious voice of a woman could be heard from his end…

“Chief editor, if we can’t find someone, we’ll have an empty cover for the upcoming issue!”

“Where are the backup photos I got you to pick from?”

“Those won’t do, chief editor. The quality is horrendous, so we can’t use them… what should we do? We’ll be trampled by Beauty  once again! Ay… but our priority right now is still to get someone on the cover for this issue; the sales for it is secondary!”

After a moment, Cai Yong Sheng said something to his subordinate and returned to the phone. “Mr. Ye, we’ll have the shoot first thing tomorrow morning. Is that okay?”

Ye Wanwan: “Of course.”

After she hung up, Ye Wanwan had a calm look. At first, she thought she would have to be more convincing and add in more twists and turns, but things went her way and saved her the hassle.

Those female artists who VIVI  appointed initially had flaked out on them, which caused them to be in a frenzy to find someone at the last minute.

They could collaborate with other magazines, but the influence of the other magazines wasn’t comparable to VIVI ‘s at all.

In the realm of celebrity catfights today, aside from the red carpet and filming opportunities, magazine covers also illuminated the status of a celebrity in the fashion world.

In the fashion world, the chief editor of top fashion magazines practically possessed a supreme right. The designers and models recommended by them would instantly become popular and this applied to stars as well – when editors put them out there, that created a trademark for that individual.

With a magazine like VIVI,  the number of artists clamoring for the cover was overwhelming. There were no artists who would dare let a chance like this go, so it would’ve been nearly impossible for Ye Wanwan to get through normally.

However, in recent years, the competition in the fashion industry had become more and more intense. Although the power of VIVI  was there still, their concept was too backdated. In recent years, they’d gradually begun to decline.

After she ended the call, Ye Wanwan turned to her two artists – their images counteracted one another and they were complete opposites as well.

One was an arrogant and overbearing tease while the other had a calm, introverted, and cold personality.

Uh, why didn’t I notice this before? 

These two kids… really feel like a CP [1]… 

Feeling somewhat afraid, Gong Xu couldn’t help but mutter, “Uh, Ye-ge, are you worried about something? You have a strange look in your eyes…”

Ye Wanwan coughed lightly and retracted her gaze. She nagged them: “Go to bed early and don’t stay up late. We’ll be doing a shoot for the cover of VIVI ‘s magazine tomorrow morning.”

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