Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 829 - Young master is the true swan

Chapter 829: Young master is the true swan

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Ye Mu Fan and Luo Chen still found Ye Wanwan’s words quite unbelievable while Gong Xu had already started to envision his future free of obstacles.

The two of them were somewhat speechless but were also ignited by the spark in Ye Wanwan’s eyes…

“Okay.” The two of them replied at the same time.

After they had a discussion, the four people decided to set up their company by each investing a sum of money.

But they had a fatal flaw right now… they were broke…

Ye Wanwan used all her money to pay off the house and after she used her last paycheck to make the final payment, she didn’t have much money left. Although Gong Xu earned a lot, he spent even more – the word “savings” didn’t exist in his dictionary at all. As for Luo Chen, he just started working and hadn’t earned much…

After careful calculation, they would still need a lot more even if they pooled all their money together – they needed money for registering the company and investing in the next movie that the company would be shooting.

The upcoming movie they were going to shoot was very crucial. If they failed, the company’s funding would be cut off…

“This bit of investment isn’t enough for sure. Aside from Gong Xu and Luo Chen as the main leads, we’ll need to hire others too; the cost of the venue and special effects will definitely cost a lot…” Ye Mu Fan mumbled.

Gong Xu said carelessly, “We’ll just earn more if we don’t have enough! From now on, Luo Chen and I will go all out to accept assignments and endorsements. We’ll work hard!”

Ye Mu Fan was doubtful. I’m afraid it won’t be that easy. Chu Hong Guang will definitely come in our way and won’t let us have an easy time…

Just half an hour ago, Ye Wanwan, Ye Mu Fan, Gong Xu, and Luo Chen announced their departure from Dazzling Media on their Weibo accounts.

At this moment, there was quite a big commotion on the Internet.

Gong Xu was looking through Weibo and suddenly stomped his feet in anger. “F*ck, we already left the company, yet Cai Yong Sheng, that bastard, is still using us for our fame!”

The show they recorded with Lucy Yang, “Totally In Love,” had already been broadcasted and stirred up some juicy gossip…

The rumors on the Internet were now saying that these two people had fallen out with Dazzling because of Lucy Yang…

[Damn! This Lucy Yang is too attractive, huh! She just arrived at Dazzling a couple days ago and actually caused two of Dazzling’s most popular artists to fight so badly!]

[Nevermind Gong Xu – why is Luo Chen like that too?! Give me my clean and pure Prince Charming back!]

[But Lucy Yang was really quite outstanding – highly educated with a high EQ, she’s beautiful and acts well. There aren’t many true goddesses in the industry anymore, and Gong Xu is simply a toad lusting after a swan’s flesh!]

[I seriously suspect that those two people did something outrageous to our Lucy and were chased out of the company!]

Ye Mu Fan’s face was filled with mockery as he read on – it was so obvious that they actually paid these commenters. The comments were all in the paid commenters’ playing field, and whenever someone spoke badly about Lucy Yang, his or her comment would be pushed to the back very quickly by the paid commenters.

Gong Xu was enraged. “Stupid farts! Young master (I) is the true swan, alright?!”

Ye Mu Fan: “…”  Why is this guy always paying attention to something else…

At the same time, Fashion magazine released a statement that made it onto the hot topics list.

Beauty  released a preview photo of Gong Xu and Lucy Yang together.

Everybody knew Gong Xu and Lucy Yang started forming ties when they were shooting for the cover of Beauty.  This week’s cover and the interviews inside were all regarding Gong Xu and Lucy Yang. Hence, the gossipy crowd swarmed over like bees. They brought their melon seeds and stools, in an attempt to seek out more juicy gossip…

This week’s Beauty  magazine would definitely be sold out the moment it went on sale.

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