Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 819 - What sort of new trick is this?

Chapter 819: What sort of new trick is this?

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Ye Wanwan bumped into Eleven the moment she stepped out to the courtyard and the big bruises on one of his eyes and chin immediately caught her attention.

“Eh? Eleven, what happened to your face?” Ye Wanwan asked anxiously.

“Uh, Miss Wanwan…” Eleven covered his face instinctively and took a big step back reflexively. “No… nothing…”

Ye Wanwan looked sharply at him. “How could this be nothing? Who beat you up? Was it Yuan Sheng? Are they making trouble for you again?”

Eleven choked. “No, really, it’s nothing, I knocked into a wall myself…”

Ye Wanwan: “Huh?”

Knocked into a wall, yet you’re bruised so badly?

Ye Wanwan was speaking to Eleven when Feng Xuan Yi walked over from behind Eleven and he also had a swollen face and bruises all over.

Ye Wanwan looked at Eleven then turned to Little Stutterer and didn’t believe his words. “What happened to Feng Xuan Yi then?”

Feng Xuan Yi was taken aback then he blinked. “Uh… I… I… I knocked… into the wall with… Eleven…”

Eleven hurriedly chimed in, “Yes, I can bear witness to that!”

Ye Wanwan was speechless. “…what sort of new trick are you guys playing, huh?”

Feng Xuan Yi: “…”

Eleven wiped his sweat: “…”

We don’t want to play this either…

While Ye Wanwan was eating with Si Ye Han, she kept thinking about Nameless Nie’s little nephew who lost his parents.

She thought about it carefully. Considering Si Ye Han’s current condition, it was impossible for them to have a child. His body wouldn’t even be able to handle having sex, not to mention having a child.

The possibility of someone like Si Ye Han, who wasn’t on the same level as humans, becoming an ad hoc stay-at-home dad was really too low. And getting him to pretend to be a father under these circumstances would be jabbing his wound, right?

Uh, I should just find an extra and make do with that…

Seeing that Ye Wanwan was biting on her chopsticks, Si Ye Han looked at her with a gaze that could penetrate a person’s thoughts. “What’s on your mind?”

“Huh?” Ye Wanwan felt a sense of guilt then blurted out, “Nothing! Nothing much, I was just wondering whether you’ve recovered and when we could have sex?”

*Cough…* Si Ye Han choked.

Ye Wanwan quickly patted his back. “Are you okay?”

Uh… it’s really rare to see Si Ye Han losing his composure…

She realized that she was becoming more and more fond of teasing Si Ye Han and it always came out of her mouth so naturally. What sorcery is this?!

Si Ye Han quickly recovered his calm and unperturbed expression. “Eat your food.”

“Oh, okay!” It wasn’t her fault – as the saying went, “When one is fed and warmed, one’s sexual desires will come up.”

“How’s work?” Si Ye Han asked.

Si Ye Han never asked her about her work and this was really rare.

Probably because he knew about the recent changes in her company…?

Ye Wanwan told him the situation very simply then said, “Cai Yong Sheng is the nephew of Chu Hong Guang and with such a strong backing, I wouldn’t be able to stop him at all if he wants to take over the company. I already expected this to happen, but it’s inevitable to hurt a little when I see him trampling on my hard work… it’s something I had to go through sooner or later…”

In the beginning, when she first joined Dazzling, her goal was very clear – Dazzling was equivalent to a novice village and was a place she could gain experience and build her network, but she would have to leave this place someday.

Si Ye Han looked at her indifferently. “He has a… strong backing?”

Ye Wanwan blinked and giggled mischievously. “No way; his could never compare to mine!”

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