Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 809 - Not allowed to hurt others

Chapter 809: Not allowed to hurt others

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Si Ye Han used all his willpower to end the kiss. “I’m going to sleep in the study.”

There was no way he could sleep in the same bed with her tonight.

“Ay, beauty, don’t go…”

Ye Wanwan was in despair as she watched her beauty leaving the room.

She rolled around the bed and couldn’t fall asleep at all.

She sat up decisively then went out through the window again…

Jin garden, in the grove:

The Dark Team guards were sighing…

“It’s already midnight – can’t we go back yet?”

“I don’t know, should we call housekeeper Xu and ask?”

“Aren’t we making a big deal out of this, huh? It was probably just a fluke before…”

The group was deep in discussion when all of a sudden, a head dangled from the tree. “Hi~ How are you guys~ I finally found some humans!”

There was a dead silence in the air for a few seconds before they started wailing like ghosts and howling like wolves——



“How did she appear!!!”

Ye Wanwan suddenly appeared on top of the tree with her head dangling. The Dark Team guards, who were in hiding, were simply scared out of their wits.

Everyone took ten steps back at the same time and they stared at Ye Wanwan with alarm, beads of cold sweat trickling down.

“Damn! What’s going on here?! We were hiding here and were actually found!”

“Nnn-now… what should we do?! Head captain, captain Eleven, quick, think of something!”

Eleven took a big gulp. “Wan… Miss Wanwan, why are you here? It’s really late now – you better go back and rest!”

“Swish” Ye Wanwan jumped off the tree. Her eyes narrowed as she scanned the group. “I remember all of you – you guys are the people who beat me up last time! Why don’t we continue where we left off?”

Everyone: “…!?”

She must’ve made a mistake! Who actually beat people up, huh!

Even if you’re itching for a fight, you didn’t have to use this excuse, right?!

Before anyone could react, Ye Wanwan was already charging towards them at lightning speed.

Ye Wanwan was already terrifying to begin with, but after drinking, it was as if a seal was broken and her strength was off the charts. Very soon, the grove was filled with sounds of grief from all around…

Diabolical! We already hid all the way out here, yet we still couldn’t hide from her…

“Teach… teacher… stop… stop fighting… stop fighting…” Feng Xuan Yi stumbled and tried to stop her.

Ye Wanwan attacked anyone who came in her path.

In other people’s eyes, the two of them were just sparring, but Feng Xuan Yi’s expression changed subtly in the dark…

This woman took on three moves of mine that used all my strength…

After all, the fight was in full view and Feng Xuan Yi didn’t want to keep testing her strength. He held back and was sent flying with a kick.

Ye Wanwan was having so much fun but suddenly, a deep hoarse voice came from behind her——


Upon hearing that familiar voice, all the Dark Team guards turned to that person. “9th master!”

Currently, Ye Wanwan had one guard wrapped around her arm and another one under her foot. When she saw the person coming towards her, her eyes lit up. “Eh, beauty?”

Si Ye Han stared at Ye Wanwan, who sneaked out the second he wasn’t paying attention, and his face turned gloomy. “Go back to bed.”

Ye Wanwan pouted and looked very unwilling. “Uh, then are you going to keep me company?”

Si Ye Han remained silent for two seconds before he said, “En.”

Forget it. If I don’t want her to hurt others, I have to sacrifice myself… 

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