Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 785 - This kid is easy to take care of

Chapter 785: This kid is easy to take care of

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Late at night.

Xue Li was on a video call with Qin Ruo Xi.

“Sor-sorry, director Qin, I’ve failed…”

At first, they thought that even if Ye Wanwan took credit for this Myanmar trip, she still wouldn’t be able to get a solid footing in the company. Little did they know that the goods handpicked by Qin Ruo Xi would turn up empty and those rubbish raw stones that the other woman bought actually contained a top-grade imperial jade.

Now, the entire company was in an uproar about this. They were saying that if Qin Ruo Xi went on the trip after all or if they bought the goods Qin Ruo Xi picked out, they definitely would’ve lost a fortune.

Although everyone knew that gambling on stones depended on 70% luck, the woman was able to gain a little footing in the company through this project. It was a complete disaster.

“Damn it, how could that woman be so lucky?” Yuan Sheng gritted his teeth.

Xue Li’s face darkened. “The days are still long. I don’t believe she’ll be so lucky every time!”

The calm and composed Qin Ruo Xi was now slightly ruffled.

Yuan Sheng’s eyes shifted as he leaned closer. *cough* “Miss Ruo Xi, I don’t know if I should say this…”

Qin Ruo Xi: “Speak.”

Yuan Sheng said, “Actually… no matter how aloof 9th master is, you’re so much better than that vixen in every aspect, Miss Ruo Xi; who is she to steal 9th master’s favor? She’s only great at striving for love and seducing people, right? So…”

Qin Ruo Xi’s lips curled into a sinister smile. “So you mean you want me to be like that woman, curry favor with the 9th master and strive for love?”

Xue Li immediately raged. “Outrageous! Yuan Sheng! What sort of person do you think Miss Ruo Xi is – a messy woman who fools around, huh?”

Yuan Sheng panicked and hurriedly explained, “Nnn-no! How could I think of her that way! Miss Ruo Xi is the future mistress of the household – how could she compare to those messy women outside? I was just worried that the vixen would come between Miss Ruo Xi and 9th master and fall out of favor-”

Xue Li was enraged. “Even if that woman is favored, she’s just a plaything who uses her looks to seduce people!”

“Alright, that’s enough. I know what to do.” Qin Ruo Xi interrupted the two of them and looked at Xue Li. “Just give Ah-Jiu whatever he likes – do you still need me to teach you that, huh?”

Xue Li’s eyes lit up and he hurriedly said, “I got it.”

The next day, at the airport:

Last night, Nameless Nie was frightened out of his wits by that strange video call from the little devil and couldn’t sleep the entire night. Right before they parted ways, he grabbed Ye Wanwan and begged for help.

“Famous Ye, my life is in your hands. You promised to help me!”

Ye Wanwan didn’t realize he was actually serious.

However, judging by how he was acting, it wasn’t nice for her to reject him. After all, they did help her a lot this time.

It’s equivalent to placating a child. It doesn’t mean anything, right?

Ye Wanwan said helplessly, “I have to make this clear first – I have no idea how to take care of a child.”

Nameless Nie immediately said, “No problem, no problem. This kid is very easy to take care of.”

Devotee: “Captain, I think you can’t conduct yourself this way – it’s not morally right.”

Spray of Flowers: *cough* “Even I think you’re talking bullsh*t.”

Brick-moving foreigner: “Easy… to take care? Is there something wrong with my understanding of Chinese?”

Iceberg man: “…?”

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