Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 772 - Put on an act

Chapter 772: Put on an act

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After that, they found out that those people weren’t roving bandits but members of a mercenary army.

It was said that at the time, this mercenary army accepted a mission from a certain gang from H city to retrieve something important.

Alas, when they got the item and handed it over to the gang, this particular gang actually publicly claimed they didn’t receive anything.

As there were many organizations and mercenary armies looking for that item, the gang actually ratted those mercenaries out in order to protect themselves from getting into trouble after receiving the item.

Everyone thought the item was taken by that group of merceneries and was hunting them all down.

These mercenaries were so miserable thanks to those gangsters so obviously, they weren’t willing to take things lying down. They ran straight to H city and confronted that gang.

Unfortunately, these people ended up in the gang’s trap and were wiped out by them. Only one or two of them escaped.

In her previous life, she overheard the Dark Team guards talking about it – that was how she got to know of this incident.

The strange factory was built by foreign gangs to produce all sorts of illegal drugs and distribute it to various countries, including country Z.

The factory was just a very small workshop – they could abandon it at any time. Myanmar H city was already considered a chaotic zone and there were very few people who would go there, especially for this undeveloped area. So even if they were discovered, they wouldn’t be heartbroken about abandoning this little workshop.

“Boss Ye, what are we doing here?”

Spray of Flowers looked around and was confused.

Ye Wanwan only mentioned to them before that she would be taking them out for a task, but she didn’t tell them the purpose mainly because she was worried they wouldn’t want to proceed. Therefore, Ye Wanwan decided to tell them only when they arrived at their destination.

“Look at that small factory.” Ye Wanwan pointed.

“I see it – isn’t it just a little workshop? What’s up?” The devotee couldn’t see what was so special about it.

“Don’t you find it odd that there’s a small workshop here?” Ye Wanwan probed.

“Odd?” The devotee shook his head, “What’s so odd about it? Isn’t it just a building for some foreign or local gangs to break the law?”

“Let’s not talk about that first. This time, we’re here to put on an act.” Ye Wanwan looked mysteriously at Nameless Nie and the others.

“Act? This is good – it’s better than being a bodyguard!” Spray of Flowers nodded continuously.

“I think being a bodyguard is better.” The devotee disagreed.

Iceberg man: “?”

Nameless Nie was annoyed. “Shut your trap!”

Following Nameless Nie’s outburst, Spray of Flowers and the devotee immediately shut their mouths. As for the iceberg man, this request was probably the best thing he heard.

“Famous Ye, why aren’t there any cameras around if we’re acting?” Nameless Nie waited for the devotee and Spray of Flowers to be completely silent before he looked around. “There’s no production team either… cameras, lights… and most importantly, where’s the stage team that takes care of our lunches?”

“Who said those kinds of things were necessary for acting?” Ye Wanwan rolled her eyes at Nameless Nie. This guy is actually only concerned about the food, eh…

“We don’t need them?” Nameless Nie furrowed his brows.

“Do we?” Ye Wanwan asked him in return.

“You’re the boss – you call the shots. If you say we do, then we do. If you say we don’t, then we don’t. But Famous Ye, you have to increase our pay for changing our roles all of a sudden, eh…” Nameless Nie looked at Ye Wanwan and chuckled lightly.

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