Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 759: Backing of the great devil

Chapter 759: Backing of the great devil

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Finally, Wan He Yun couldn't handle the psychological blow and ended up committing suicide...

There were many cases of people committing suicide in Myanmar due to losing their fortune in gambling so it didn't attract any attention. Only news of that raw stone which contained the emerald green imperial jade spread to the entire jade trade, but all the money and fame ended up with Hou Mao Feng...

Currently, Ye Wanwan knew a piece of stone contained the emerald green imperial jade in this pile of stones, but the problem was that she didn't know which was the exact raw stone...

Uh, this is embarrassing...

Ye Wanwan made some calculations with her pathetic mathematics skills. Since she didn't know which raw stone it was, she might as well just buy them all.

Anyway, she definitely wouldn't take any losses!

With that thought, Ye Wanwan glanced at the pile of rocks on the trailer and said, "I would like to purchase all the raw stones on the trailer."

Wan He Yun was stunned. "Wh-what? Miss, you want to buy... buy all of my raw stones? All?"

Ye Wanwan: "That's right."

Hearing this conversation, not only was Wan He Yun shocked, but everyone who was gathered around thought she was insane.

"Someone actually wants to buy Glittering Jewels Pavilion's stones? She even wants to buy them all!"

"This beauty has some guts, huh!"

"I think she's nuts! Finally, I understand what this idiom means: 'Wearing a ten-dollar hat on a five-cent head'!"


The experts from the Si family were in disbelief and all of them exploded instantly.

"This Glittering Jewels Pavilion is close to shutting down already and they haven't had a decent piece of jade in three years!"

The other two experts looked at Ye Wanwan like she couldn't be saved anymore. "Is this woman crazy? She rejected Hui Cui Workshop's top-quality raw stones and went to buy a pile of junk instead? Deputy director Xue, what should we do now? Please say something!"

Xue Li was crossed. "This is absurd!"

Hou Mao Feng looked at Xue Li in a mocking manner. "They actually allowed a person like that to interfere with the company's affairs. I think the Si family today... tsk tsk..."

Xue Li's face became unbearably hot when he heard Hou Mao Feng's ridicule.

Ye Wanwan wasn't only messing around here - she was embarrassing the entire Si family!

Ye Wanwan ignored the uproar around her. She picked a stone up, touched it and probed, "Boss Wan, are you willing to sell them?"

Wan He Yun looked like he was in a difficult position. He glanced at Hou Mao Feng fearfully and finally replied, "Miss, thank you for your kind intentions, but nevermind, I don't want to give you any trouble..."

Hou Mao Feng had already said he wouldn't allow anybody to buy his stones.

He didn't want to involve others in this conflict.

Everyone in the jade trade had to give some face to Hou Mao Feng; there was nothing to gain at all if one offended him.

Ye Wanwan glanced at Hou Mao Feng and laughed. "Ha, just because others don't dare to buy them doesn't mean I feel the same way. Boss Wan, don't worry, I have quite a strong backing."

After all, she had the backing of the great devil - she didn't have anything to fear~

Ye Wanwan then realized that the great devil's reputation could be quite useful at times!

Hou Mao Feng's face turned slightly ugly, but he didn't protest at all.

Even if Ye Wanwan was only a lover, she represented the Si family and if she really wanted to intervene, there was nothing he could do.

Darn it, he was planning to push Wan He Yun to the end of his rope and swallow this batch of goods at a low price. He didn't expect this woman would ruin his plan...

Tsk, nevermind, he didn't really care for goods of this lousy quality anyway - he just wanted to insult Wan He Yun.

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