Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 747: Burst into tears and fainted in the toilet

Chapter 747: Burst into tears and fainted in the toilet

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"There's something fishy about this woman's identity," Feng Xuan Yi said.

Nameless Nie puffed out a smoke ring. "She resembles Worriless Nie to some degree, but she's definitely not Worriless."

Spray of Flowers immediately chimed in, "Nevermind that you treat us like fools, but do you really think our captain is dumb? Since when did he ever let any clues slip by? We already checked the identity of this woman - she's the youngest granddaughter of Ye Hong Wei from Ye Group, Ye Wanwan. There's nothing fishy about her."

Feng Xuan Yi said, "I've also investigated and found nothing wrong with her identity."

"Damn! Why did you say there was something fishy then? There's something wrong with your head, huh!"

Feng Xuan Yi looked disapprovingly at Spray of Flowers. "Who told you that just because we didn't find anything, there's no problem with her?"

Spray of Flowers retorted, "This is absolutely absurd! If you didn't find anything, it obviously means there's nothing wrong! Captain, don't believe his nonsense - I think he's just lazy!"

The devotee echoed, "That's right, he obviously just wants to eat and drink there for free! Don't try to fool this poor Daoist! The Si family is wealthy! Captain, look how plump he is now!"

Nameless Nie looked at Feng Xuan Yi and muttered, "Are you sure?"

Pinching the cigarette between his fingers, Feng Xuan Yi added, "Two years ago, I followed a clue and investigated country Z, placing the focus on Ye Wanwan, but just as the captain found, there's nothing wrong with this woman at all. At first, I was about to withdraw, but..."

Nameless Nie: "But what?"

Feng Xuan Yi: "But lately, I suddenly realized this woman... is quite interesting..."

Spray of Flowers immediately screeched and complained. "Damn damn damn! Captain, not only is this fella eating well and slacking off, but he's using the excuse of working to pick up girls!"

The devotee pondered, "Is he really picking up girls? Not courting death?"

Everyone knew about the engagement of Worriless Nie and Ji Huang; unless the person didn't want to live anymore, who would actually have the audacity to give Ji Huang a green hat...?

Ignoring them, Feng Xuan Yi continued, "This woman can fight quite well. Although she's just a little better than those useless Dark Team guards, she can discover the weaknesses of others with one glance - this is quite interesting. Do you think an ordinary young missy like her could be so skilled and have such great perception that she could even coach the Si family's Dark Team? How is this normal..."

Feng Xuan Yi spilled the details of his investigation to the five of them. None of them said a word.

News relating to the Si family was heavily guarded. If it wasn't for Feng Xuan Yi telling them about this, none of them would've ever found out that this delicately pretty girl actually possessed such skills.

Nameless Nie: " With abnormalities, she should be considered a demon.

Feng Xuan Yi smiled. "Exactly."

Spray of Flowers was unconvinced. "She just defeated some trash, right? What's the big deal..."

Devotee: "It's not impossible that she received some special training, but saying that she's somewhat related to big missy is a little too far-fetched..."

As they were talking, a message notification came from someone's phone.

Grinding the end of his cigarette butt, Feng Xuan Yi said, "In short, do whatever you want. Just don't get in my way."

Nameless Nie was silent for a moment then he glanced at Spray of Flowers and the others. "For now, we'll pretend we don't know Feng Xuan Yi. Don't expose us, especially you, Spray of Flowers - you hear me?"

Spray of Flowers immediately burst into tears and fainted in the toilet. "Captain! How could you be so fierce with me?! This bloody stutterer just came back and now you're being so mean to me! You really have an affair with this bloody stutterer, huh!" *sob sob sob*

Devotee: "Ay, stop changing the subject. The main point is the money... the money..."

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