Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 677: Prove he's straight

Chapter 677: Prove he's straight

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Tang Xing Huo felt as if he just got struck by lightning. "WHAT THE HELL, SH*T SH*T SH*T! GONG XU, YOU BASTARD! HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND! My virginity! Gong Xu, go to hell!"

Tang Xing Huo rubbed his lips like crazy.

However, Gong Xu's reaction was even bigger than Tang Xing Huo's. He pushed him away harshly, nearly causing him to fall and he started splashing running water all over his face. He looked utterly disgusted. "F*ck! That was gross..."

Tang Xing Huo blew up when he heard that. "Damn it! You feel grossed out? I'm the one who is grossed out! You forced a kiss on me and called me gross - are you kidding me?!"

"S-h-i-t!" Gong Xu turned the tap to its highest and directly placed his entire head under the cold running water.

Tang Xing Huo saw Gong Xu's reaction. He spat then said weakly, "Gong Xu, have you really turned gay?"

Gong Xu raised his head slowly. His hair was dripping wet and he glared sternly at Tang Xing Huo as he said, "What... did you just say? Gay?"

"Uh, no, I didn't say anything! I didn't say anything! Nothing at all! You heard wrong! You're so disgusted just by this little kiss, so how could you be gay, hahaha..." Tang Xing Huo waved repeatedly. "You must be straight - your sexual orientation is the straightest!"

Damn, I'm dead, I accidentally blurted it out.

With Gong Xu's current mood, I can't let him know I've already discovered he might be gay.

Thankfully, Gong Xu's expression became much calmer when he heard this cover-up.

Thank god...

After a moment of silence, Gong Xu said, "Then what about him?"

"Ah? Him? Who?" Tang Xing Huo didn't get it.

Gong Xu swept his eyes over Tang Xing Huo, annoyed. "Ye Bai - does he like men or women?"

When Tang Xing Huo heard his question, he replied carefully, "Well... how would I know, ah..."

Tang Xing Huo grumbled softly, "I already told you to take the chance to ask Ye Bai, but you didn't listen to me and insisted on dissing me. Was it worth it, huh..."

Gong Xu glared dangerously at him.

Tang Xing Huo cowered in terror and answered seriously, "Doesn't Ye Bai have a girlfriend? So... he should like women, right?"

"Then what's going on between him and Han Xian Yu?" Gong Xu's expression turned icy at the mention of Han Xian Yu as he recalled Ye Wanwan's answer earlier. The beads of water on his face froze and there was a blazing fire in his eyes.

As if Tang Xing Huo would dare to provoke him at this time. He could only use his instincts to placate him and he said firmly, "Oh, please. Of course he was just joking. Can't you tell that Ye Bai chose Han Xian Yu intentionally? It was to avoid gossip! After all, everyone present today was either part of Dazzling's staff or artists under his care - it'd be bad if scandals or unspoken rules spread around!"

Listening to Tang Xing Huo's argument for Ye Bai not liking Han Xian Yu made the irritation in Gong Xu's heart ease up, but when he thought about how Tang Xing Huo said Ye Bai had a girlfriend and liked women, the feeling came back.

Damn it...

Gong Xu was akin to a short-tempered lion at this moment.

Tang Xing Huo shrunk into the corner like a mistreated daughter-in-law, afraid Gong Xu would try to prove he was straight and pounce on him again...

Damn, my poor virginity. Just who did I piss off?!

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