Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 675: Played to death

Chapter 675: Played to death

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Gong Xu's heart hurt so much that it felt like he couldn't breathe...

The fury he felt was as though his blood was set on fire and he almost lost control of himself...

That feeling of wanting to...

Gong Xu muttered a curse with a darkened expression and he shot daggers with his eyes as he looked in Tang Xing Huo's direction.

Tang Xing Huo felt a chill down his spine and he lowered his head instinctively.

The Truth or Dare game was still ongoing.

Gong Xu pulled out a card without any expression on his face.


Gong Xu stared at Tang Xing Huo. "Truth or Dare?"

Tang Xing Huo was slightly creeped out by Gong Xu's stare. "Dare...? No no no, truth!"

Playing with Gong Xu, he didn't dare to choose "dare."

"Truth, huh?" Gong Xu revealed half his little sharp canines. He curled his lips and looked unusually threatening as he said, "Sure. My question is - if your girlfriend and your best friend, which is me, switched our souls and you had to stab one of us in order for our souls to switch back, who would you choose to stab?"

Tang Xing Huo was stunned and after a moment, he immediately cursed. "...f*ck!"

This question is practically giving my life away, alright?

I would rather die!

Hearing Gong Xu's question, the entire room filled with laughter.

"HAHAHAHA... this question! Gong Xu, you're too hilarious!"

"Indeed, Xu-ge's questions are always a killer!"

"Xu-ge has gone crazy!"


While they were playing the game earlier, Gong Xu ate a sweet candy and kept smiling. He didn't have any murderous aura, but now he suddenly exploded.

One had to understand that Gong Xu was an expert in playing Truth or Dare - if he wanted to mess with someone, that person would definitely be played to death!

Tang Xing Huo looked as if he was mourning at this mother's funeral. "Gong Xu... you got me! I'll drink!"

With that, he downed three large glasses as punishment.

Gong Xu sat there casually and said, "OK, let's continue."

Tang Xing Huo choked and had a bad feeling...

His premonition proved to be right.

Gong Xu got to be the king again and picked him.

Gong Xu: "Truth or dare?"

Tang Xing Huo's eyes were spinning. Although choosing "truth" would be very miserable, "dare" would be worse for sure.

"Truth!" Tang Xing Huo gritted his teeth.

Gong Xu nodded then asked, "If your girlfriend and your best friend switched their souls..."

"Why this question again?" Tang Xing Huo broke down.

"Don't be so agitated." Gong Xu glanced sideways at him and continued, "If your girlfriend and your best friend switched souls and you had to choose one of them to have sex with - who would it be?"

Tang Xing Huo: "GONG XIAO XU!!! DAMN YOU!"

"Eh?" Gong Xu grinned while flashing his little canines.

"Why would you ask such retarded questions?!" Tang Xing Huo was on the verge of crying from the questions.

Tang Xing Huo had no choice. He really couldn't answer this question, so he could only drink the three glasses again. After downing a total of six glasses, he almost puked.

The game continued and the king was Gong Xu once again.

Everyone turned to Tang Xing Huo instinctively and although they didn't know the reason, everybody could tell there was some conflict between them and Gong Xu wouldn't let Tang Xing Huo off so easily.

Tang Xing Huo cried regretfully - if he had known this would happen, he wouldn't have courted death and caused trouble!

But bro! It's none of my business that someone doesn't want to engage in BL [1] with you!

If you want to take out your anger on someone, it shouldn't be me, right?

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