Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 666: So... so cute!

Chapter 666: So... so cute!

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Ye Wanwan had a headache. She pinched her brows as she looked at Gong Xu who was completely unashamed of himself and was proud instead. "I'll deal with this issue. You guys don't have to worry about it."

Hearing this, Luo Chen's heart finally settled down.

After all, this whole incident started because of him...

After speaking, Ye Wanwan looked at Luo Chen sternly. "Luo Chen, what's going on with your acting today? The director told me just now that you haven't been progressing smoothly these past two days."

Luo Chen felt dejected and looked down. "Ye-ge, I'm sorry. I've had some problems with the scene with Meng Xiao Rou. I'm not great at emotional scenes and I've already tried practicing many times, but I just can't seem to get into character..."

Ye Wanwan pinched her brows. She had seen the NG footage while speaking to the director and they were pretty bad.

Luo Chen had done a fair bit of homework on this series and Ye Wanwan thought there wouldn't be any problems, but who knew that an issue would arise at this point?

For a young guy in his twenties, why would he have problems with emotional scenes?

Since there was no need for him to display his true emotions, he shouldn't be this awkward...

Gong Xu mumbled, "What a useless bum - can't even get such a simple scene right!"

The corners of Dong Zai's lips twitched. Xu-ge, you better speak less at a time like this. How could you even criticize someone else's acting?

Ye Wanwan pondered it for a long time while Luo Chen continued to stand in the same spot in silence.

After some time, Ye Wanwan stood up, removed her coat and said, "Let's do this. Come here, we'll practice together."

"Practice..." Luo Chen was taken aback.

How are we going to do that?

"I'll act as Qingqing and you'll act along with me," Ye Wanwan instructed.

Gong Xu widened his eyes. "Isn't Qingqing a woman?"

Ye Wanwan: "Yes, so what?"

Gong Xu: "Ye-ge, you're actually going to play the role of a woman?"

Ye Wanwan: "You have a problem with that?"

"Nnn-no... not at all..." Gong Xu quickly waved his hands and began to do damage control. "Ye-ge, whatever you say. Whatever you say!"

As Gong Xu wasn't interested in acting at all, he sat down lazily on the sofa.

"Let's begin!" Ye Wanwan took two steps and stood in front of Luo Chen.

At this moment, Ye Wanwan had taken her coat off and was wearing a grey sweater with a white shirt underneath. Her light brown hair looked exceptionally soft.

"Uh, alright..." Luo Chen went blank for a second before reacting.

Ye Wanwan shut her eyes.

One second, two seconds.

When she opened her eyes on the third second, that cold and indifferent gaze had changed.

So gentle and soft like spring water that could melt a person, it was as if he was her entire world and was everything she believed in...

"Ah... Ah-Chen..." The girl was shy, nervous and uneasy; she looked as if she would back out at any moment, but it also seemed like she could give her all and be brave for him. Finally, there was determination in her eyes as she said, "I like you..."

Luo Chen heard a loud explosion in his head. His pale cheeks turned red gradually at a speed that could be seen by the human eye. He started burning up...

He suddenly recalled the first time he confessed his feelings for a girl when he was 16 - he was flustered, young and inexperienced...

Nobody noticed that there was someone there with redder cheeks than Luo Chen.

Gong Xu was bored at first and was supporting his head with his hand, but when he saw Ye Bai playing the role of Qingqing and confessing her feelings for Lin Luo Chen, it felt like his entire body was on fire.

Ye Bai is obviously a man and still looks the same. Even his voice is still manly - only his gaze and expression have changed, so why does it feel like he's completely transformed into another person...

So... so cute!!!

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