Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 654: Show my sincerity

Chapter 654: Show my sincerity

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It was a piece of celebrity gossip news on her phone screen.

The title was "Fashion Guru Shen Meng Qi Staged a Scene of a Car Accident" and in the photo, Shen Meng Qi was wearing a pair of leather pants and a motorcycle jacket. Her hair was extremely curly and messy - it was simply terrifying.

At first, a couple fans praised her mindlessly, but after that, the netizens and a few fashionistas started insulting her.

[This is called unconventional? I think the stylist must be out of his mind, right?]

[She doesn't look nice at all, so darn ugly. If this is fashion then it's an insult to our aesthetic tastes.]

[Didn't expect that the fashion guru would make such a styling mistake - this outfit is too hideous. She's probably trying to imitate Qiao Ke Xin, huh! But she doesn't give off Qiao Ke Xin's cool and confident aura - this looks like she was trying to impersonate someone but made a fool of herself!]

[I suddenly find Shen Meng Qi's butt really flat and her thighs huge! In the past, I didn't notice it at all and thought her figure was pretty nice...]


Ye Mu Fan read those comments in silence.

In the past, when he designed her outfits, he was very careful and put in a lot of effort. He would avoid highlighting her shortcomings so they obviously didn't notice before.

"So, do you feel better?" Ye Wanwan asked.

Recently, he felt that his younger sister was becoming more foreign to him, but the care she had for him never changed at all.

"She's a nobody," Ye Mu Fan replied.

It wasn't worth wasting his emotions on this person.


At the same time at Assembly of Stars Entertainment.

Shen Meng Qi tore up the newspaper on the table in anger then glared fiercely at the man across her. "He Jun Chen, what on earth are you doing? Didn't you say there were absolutely no problems with that outfit?"

*cough...* "There was indeed nothing wrong with that outfit... Qiao Ke Xin wore something like this previously as well... it was very stunning that time..."

"Tsk, so you're saying it's not a problem with the style but MY PROBLEM?"

"Meng Qi, don't be so agitated, that's not what I meant. You're naturally beautiful, so obviously, you'll look good in anything. It's those people who are blind!"

"He Jun Cheng, stop sucking up to me. I'll be taking part in the fashion festival soon and if anything goes wrong, you know the consequences, ya?!"

"Meng Qi... Meng Qi..."

Shen Meng Qi slammed the door shut in He Jun Cheng's face and he turned gloomy.

"Damn it..."

It's all that loser Ye Mu Fan's fault!

Seems like I have to put in some capital...

On the first day of work, Ye Mu Fan was extremely busy - he didn't even have a chance to rest the entire day, but this gave him a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

Just as he was about to get into the car, his phone started ringing...

Seeing the caller ID, Ye Mu Fan's face clouded over — it was He Jun Cheng.

The darkness on Ye Mu Fan's face dissipated very quickly and he answered casually: "Hello?"

"Hello, young master Ye. Do you have some time now? Can we talk?" He Jun Cheng asked very courteously.

"Oh? Talk about what?"

"It was indeed my fault but it was just over a woman. Young master Ye, you fooled around in the past too, so why do you have to be so petty, huh?!"

"Tsk..." Ye Mu Fan chuckled. "Are you done?"

He Jun Cheng swallowed his spit, afraid Ye Mu Fan would hang up, so he quickly said, "I thought it through and in order to show my sincerity, I'll pay you a price that you'll definitely be satisfied with as long as you're willing to come back and help me!"

At this moment, Ye Mu Fan didn't have the same burning fury he had that night. His fingers lightly rubbed the car keys in his hand as he replied, "Sure!"

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