Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 638: The director personally invited me over

Chapter 638: The director personally invited me over

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The next day at Dazzling Media.

Previously, Zhou Wen Bin was the one who managed every matter in Dazzling. Those newbies he picked were pretty good, but the styling team was very weak, which caused the artists to lack individuality and look just like they were packaged in the same assembly line.

After Ye Wanwan took over, she restructured the entire styling team.

Ye Mu Fan brought his personal portfolio over to the styling department and saw that there were quite a number of candidates there already.

Each candidate had an outstanding resume - most of them were either disciples of some well-known stylist or were stylists for some superstar.

But as for him, he only knew how to have fun and fool around every day from when he was still the great young master of the Ye family. He was a nobody the past two years in the entertainment industry since He Jun Cheng took credit for all his work...

Last night, as he racked his brains over preparing his resume, he realized he couldn't even write a single word out and didn't have anything to show for - his entire resume could be presented on a single sheet of paper.

If he told them that all the works of the head stylist of Assembly of Stars were done by him, who would actually believe him...?

The person in charge carried a huge stack of documents, stood by the door and said casually, "Everyone, please bring your resume and come in for the first round of interviews later."

The candidates each went in succession and the person in charge could be heard from outside saying:

"You had the cheek to show up at Dazzling with a resume like this? Do you treat this place as a garbage disposal station?"

"Didn't we already say we need someone with more than two years of experience?"

"So what if you have many works? You don't have a single piece of work that has been done independently! PASS, NEXT PLEASE!"


Outside, hearing the sharp and stern voice of the person in charge, Ye Mu Fan clutched his resume tightly - this resume of his would simply invite ridicule.

"Next!" The person in charge urged.

Ye Mu Fan took a deep breath and entered.

There were a total of three people on the interview panel. The eyes of the unsmiling person in charge were like an x-ray as she scanned Ye Mu Fan up and down and saw that he was dressed quite attractively but unfortunately, they were all cheaply-priced and low-end brand names.

"Resume?" The woman asked.

"I forgot to bring it." Ye Mu Fan decided not to bring out his resume in the end.

"How could you even forget that?" The woman was clearly upset but she decided to give him another chance since he was aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. She took a sip of coffee and asked casually, "What's your name?"

"Ye Mu Fan."

"Pfff——" When the woman heard his name, she choked on her coffee instantly. *cough cough cough cough...*

Ye Mu Fan frowned when he saw this and wasn't sure why the woman had such a big reaction.

The woman had a 180-degree change in attitude all of a sudden. She quickly got up and welcomed him. "Aiya, so it's teacher Ye. Why didn't you say so earlier? The director already told us about you - he wants you to head over to his office directly!"

Ye Mu Fan was confused. "The director wants me to go to his office directly? Don't I have to go through the interview first?"

"That's right, that's right! Teacher Ye, the director invited you over personally. Why would you still need an interview?"

The woman immediately handed over the rest of the interviews to her colleagues while she led Ye Mu Fan out as she spoke.

What? The director personally invited me over?

Ye Mu Fan was totally confused about the situation as he followed the woman into a spacious office.

"Our director will arrive shortly. Teacher Ye, please wait a while. I'll get someone to prepare some tea for you. Is there anything else you need?" The woman was eagerly attentive.

"No..." Ye Mu Fan decided to wait and see. Anyway, it wasn't his fault if there was a misunderstanding.

"Alright then, let me know if you need anything!"



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