Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 625: Sudden realization

Chapter 625: Sudden realization

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They were initially so engrossed in making love that they let themselves go. When two people suddenly appeared out of nowhere, anybody would be scared out of their wits.

He Jun Cheng was very shaken. His face was as pale as a ghost.

After Shen Meng Qi snapped back to reality, her little face was filled with misery and grief as she began to explain while flustered: "I... Mu Fan-ge, listen to me... it's not what you think!"

Ye Mu Fan's face didn't have any expression at all. He stood there in silence before he said, "Not what I think?"

Shen Meng Qi sobbed and spoke at the same time: "Really, Mu Fan-ge, you have to believe me. I was drunk during the company's celebratory dinner. I didn't know anything..."

Ye Mu Fan looked at how pitiful and sad she was. If this was in the past, he would be willing to do anything just to get her to smile.

However, now, her innocent little face made him feel nauseated.

Ye Mu Fan leaned over slightly and clutched his churning stomach like he was about to throw up. He chuckled all of a sudden. "Oh, is that so? You didn't know? You didn't know he could make you feel better than a loser like I could?"

Hearing what Ye Mu Fan said, Shen Meng Qi's sobbing little face stiffened up.

Ye Mu Fan continued on: "You didn't know... that seeing worthless scum like me made you feel disgusted? You didn't know... that even if you sold garbage like me away... I wouldn't be worth $100,000?"

Shen Meng Qi completely froze.

That garbage actually heard every single word...

This meant he didn't enter through the window but was lurking inside all along.

Ye Mu Fan took the flower vase on the bedside table and smashed it hard against the wall across. "SHEN MENG QI! I was so faithful towards you. For you, I did everything. Bloody h*ll, I even stole classified information from my own family's business for you! Yet you... were actually fooling around with this gigolo! You were just f*cking using me the whole time, you were using me!"

"AH!!!" The loud smash of the flower vase scared Shen Meng Qi to the point that she screamed, "YE MU FAN, ARE YOU CRAZY?!"

Damn it...

Shen Meng Qi glared fiercely in Ye Wanwan's direction.

Ye Mu Fan wasn't smart enough to find out about this at all - that fool never suspected me before, so how could he come here all of a sudden to catch us in the act? It must've been Ye Wanwan who came between us .

Shen Meng Qi was somewhat guilty at first, but at that moment, since she was already completely exposed, she flew into a rage out of humiliation. "So what if I'm fooling around with a gigolo? Better than your shameless younger sister throwing herself at a man!"

"Don't you have any idea of your status? How are you qualified to be with me? At first, I was still prepared to have some more fun with you, but since you don't know your place, don't blame me, okay?!"

At this moment, He Jun Cheng said in a casual tone, "Young master Ye, why are you doing this?! As long as you continue helping me obediently, I'll never let you starve! I'll pretend nothing happened today!"

"Ha... hahaha..." Hearing the shameless words of these two people, Ye Mu Fan chuckled. In the next second, he threw a punch straight at He Jun Cheng's face.

"Ah——" He Jun Cheng instantly howled in agony. He was about to stand up when another punch followed.

Ye Mu Fan was like a violent lion filled with rage; his fist kept crazily pounding He Jun Cheng's face.

It was only when He Jun Cheng continuously begged for mercy that Ye Mu Fan stopped and slowly strode towards Shen Meng Qi who was on the bed.

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