Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 615: There m

Chapter 615: There must be a mole

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"Yiyi-jie, you're teasing me again! How could I compare to Yiyi-jie's demeanor!" Shen Meng Qi complimented her.

After the two of them were done flattering one another, they both headed to their seats and the conference officially began.

In the main seat in the middle, the person in charge stood up and announced the result. "Ladies and gentlemen, after the Splendid Light project tender committee's joint review, I would like to officially announce that the successful bidder is the... Shen Corporation! The bidding price was 78.1 million!"

"Missy, we did it!" The deputy general manager and company team cheered excitedly.

Shen Meng Qi smiled, looking calm and collected.

As for the people from the Ye Group sitting across them, all of their faces changed.

"What? 78.1 million?"

"How could it be only 100,000 more than our bid?"

"Isn't this too much of a coincidence, huh?"


"Uncle Ye, Yiyi-jie, thank you so much for giving in to us!"

Shen Meng Qi wasn't worried that the Ye family would be suspicious at all. She walked over to Ye Yiyi and thanked her courteously.

Ye Yiyi concealed the suspicion in her eyes and replied calmly, "Nah, you guys won because of your strength."

"Then Yiyi-jie, uncle Ye, we'll get going first!" Shen Meng Qi proudly led the team and left.

After being bullied by the Ye family for so long, she was finally able to take her revenge.

After Shen Meng Qi and the others left, Ye Shao An's face turned gloomy. "Even a servant's daughter actually dared to strut around and show off in front of me!"

Actually, the Ye family didn't really care for such a small project, but being humiliated like this - where was Ye Shao An going to place his pride?

One of the higher-ups next to him said, "Chairman, there must be a mole in our company! This price doesn't seem right! It's impossible they had such a small difference!"

Ye Shao An scoffed softly. "How could the Shen family be capable of planting a mole in the Ye Group?"

Ye Yiyi was deep in thought and after a while, she said, "The tender document only went through me and my father's hands from the beginning. There was nobody else involved and this document has always been locked in the study - it was impossible for it to be leaked!"

"Then what happened exactly? Could it be that someone broke into the house?" Ye Shao Ting said gravely.

Ye Yiyi seemed to have recalled something and she tried to probe, "Daddy, if I didn't remember incorrectly, isn't Ye Mu Fan now working at the Shen family's Assembly of Stars?"

Ye Shao An revealed a look of contempt. "Yes, that's right. There were many times during gatherings when people came up and said that our Ye family's young master was working for a servant - he doesn't even find it humiliating, huh?"

When Ye Yiyi heard that, she hesitated to speak. "Then, daddy, is it possible that Mu Fan..."

Ye Shao An's expression changed. "You're saying that... it was Ye Mu Fan who snooped at our tender document?"

Ye Yiyi said, "Well... I'm can't be too sure since I don't have any proof. It's just that there's definitely a problem with this price and there's no one else in the company who could've possibly gotten so close to the tender document. It must've been someone from our Ye family!"

Ye Shao An sneered continuously and looked very pleased. "Hng, good, very good! Well done, Ye Mu Fan! You actually had the guts to embezzle and help outsiders while living off of us! Doing something like this that harms the entire family's interests! Ye Shao Ting, I'd like to see how you're going to protect this great son of yours this time!"

After he said that, he turned to Ye Yiyi. "Yiyi, get someone to investigate right now! I must gather evidence!"

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