Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 613: So what if he sees us

Chapter 613: So what if he sees us

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"Director Ye, do you have a feud with the Shen family? I see you've been messing with the Assembly of Stars Entertainment recently." Gao Fei tried to probe.

Ye Wanwan leaned against her seat. Her slender fingers grazed the porcelain teacup lightly and she casually said, "Kind of."

Gao Fei laughed and didn't probe further. He said, "Director Ye, you're right. This Shen Meng Qi and He Jun Cheng have something going on, but she's a very cautious person. I've been following her for some time but didn't uncover anything...until a week ago. I found out that the two of them meet at a hotel regularly."

Ye Wanwan's eyes shifted slightly. "Help me get their room number."

"No problem, don't worry. I'll give you an answer within the week." Gao Fei was straightforward.

Ye Wanwan raised her teacup in appreciation. "Thanks."

"Director Ye, you don't have to thank me. I should be the one thanking you - if it wasn't for you that time, Mars Weekly would've ceased to exist," Gao Fei said heartily.

After chatting with Gao Fei and saying their goodbyes, Ye Wanwan stared at the news regarding the "Splendid Light" project and the iciness in her eyes spread...

A day before the competitive tender.

Late at night, Ye Mu Fan pulled out the bottommost drawer of the desk and took out a bunch of old keys.

Their entire family was chased out like a pack of stray dogs before, and the old residence was also seized by Ye Shao Ting but he made a backup of all the keys.

A few years back, he accidentally misplaced the keys and especially got someone to make a new bunch but in the end, he found the ones he misplaced.

According to Ye Shao An's character, he would definitely keep an important document like this in the study at home.

He just had to sneak in and take a glance then he would be able to find out their bid amount without anyone knowing...

After he took a deep breath, Ye Mu Fan took the keys and left.

There was complete silence at the Ye family's old residence.

This was where he grew up, after all, so he was very familiar with the place and could very easily avoid the security and enter the courtyard.

In the dark, Ye Mu Fan was mocking himself. Tsk, this is my house, yet I have to be as sneaky as a thief when I enter...

Things went better than imagined.

Shortly after, Ye Mu Fan snuck into the study, successfully found the tender document for the Splendid Light project and peeked at the bidding price.

The next morning.

Assembly of Stars Entertainment:

He Jun Cheng crossed his legs and mocked. "There's no news yet - are you sure Ye Mu Fan did it?"

Shen Meng Qi sat there and replied plainly, "What's the rush? It's not time yet, right? Don't you have faith in me?"

He Jun Cheng laughed. "How could I not have faith in big missy Shen's charm?"

"You should go first. I don't want him to find anything when he comes over later!" Shen Meng Qi said. She hadn't heard from Ye Mu Fan and was starting to feel anxious.

"So what if he sees us? What can he do to me? That spineless coward..."

He Jun Cheng sneered and was leaning towards Shen Meng Qi's lips when a knock came on the door.

"That should be Ye Mu Fan." Shen Meng Qi's face lit up and she pushed He Jun Cheng away immediately.

"Tsk, what a downer..." He Jun Cheng stood up unwillingly.

Shen Meng Qi straightened her top then said, "Come in!"

Ye Mu Fan entered and furrowed his brows when he saw that He Jun Cheng was there.

"I have something I need to speak to Meng Qi about in private," Ye Mu Fan said.

A cloud of darkness appeared in He Jun Cheng's eyes as he stood up and pretended to be easy-going. "I'm done here anyway. You guys go ahead!"

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