Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 606: I'm really starving

Chapter 606: I'm really starving

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"I'm back!"

Ye Wanwan returned to Jin garden and the first thing she saw when she opened the door was Si Ye Han sitting on the sofa in the living room with his laptop.

Seeing Si Ye Han sitting in the living room, Ye Wanwan was slightly puzzled. "Eh? Baby, why are you sitting here and not in your room?"

Si Ye Han was about to speak when Ye Wanwan sat her butt down. "You said before that the lighting is better there; are you going to tell me that the feng shui in the living room is better now? You don't have to say one thing and mean something else! I know you were especially waiting for me to come home!"

Si Ye Han: "..."

She used to be so afraid of Si Ye Han, but now, when she saw him, she couldn't stop teasing him.

Ye Wanwan wanted to continue teasing him but realized she didn't have any strength anymore. She immediately covered her belly and wailed, "Baby, I'm hungry~"

Si Ye Han glanced at the girl next to him then leaned over and kissed her on the lips.

Ye Wanwan coughed lightly. "Uh, not that kind of hungry. I'm really starving!"

"You didn't eat?"

"What's there to eat at that kind of gathering!" Ye Wanwan whined.

She spent the entire night listening to Gong Xu prattling on like a broken recorder.

Si Ye Han waved his arm and called a servant over.

Shortly after, the kitchen prepared a table full of piping hot dishes for supper. They had everything from wontons to steamed stuffed buns and all kinds of dumplings.

In the past, Ye Wanwan didn't even dare to ask for permission to leave the house, but now, there was supper prepared for her even when she came home late - she felt like she was simply dreaming.

As long as she kept the great devil happy, her life would be pretty good - everything was manageable with a great devil who wasn't jealous.

Ye Wanwan was happily enjoying her supper and feeding Si Ye Han a few mouthfuls when her WeChat suddenly exploded with notifications and kept ringing non-stop.

As expected, it was Gong Xu spamming her once again.

[Gong Xu: Ye-ge, when exactly are you going to let me meet Little Candied Plum?]

[Gong Xu: Ye-ge, do you not love me anymore?]

[Gong Xu: Otherwise, why wouldn't you arrange some work assignments for me?]

[Gong Xu: Ye-ge, are you ignoring me and blocking me...]


Ye Wanwan was speechless as she read the messages. W ho in the entire entertainment industry has the ability to block you, great young master?

[Ye Bai: I prepared the script for your upcoming show, please be patient.]

Ye Wanwan replied swiftly then quickly muted her phone.

Gong Xu had too many black marks against him; his reputation was horrendous and it was impossible to clear up his name.

Right now, the best solution was to solve the root of the problem and let him have a piece of work where he could display his skills.

After all, the most fundamental skill for an actor was still his acting skills.

An artist acting was the best PR.

However, to produce a piece of work that was good enough was quite a challenge for Gong Xu.

Even if he started to cram some training now, getting his acting skills to take a giant leap in such a short amount of time was impossible, so she could only put in some effort with his script. As it turned out, she knew about a script that was very suitable for Gong Xu.

If everything went smoothly, Gong Xu would have a sliver of hope...

Si Ye Han looked at Ye Wanwan's phone that was vibrating non-stop and frowned.

Ye Wanwan noticed and immediately slide her phone away then said solemnly, "The people in the entertainment industry don't have anything to do now; they love spreading gossip, including all kinds of messy news. They really are shallow. Baby, don't you worry, I'm not like them!"

Si Ye Han looked suspiciously at her in a casual manner. "Oh? How are you different?"

Ye Wanwan hugged her bowl of rice. "I can never be full!"

Si Ye Han: "..."

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