Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 447: Maybe he's some superstar?

Chapter 447: Maybe he's some superstar?

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Ye Wanwan coughed and hurriedly explained, *cough* "It's my girlfriend. She doesn't want to take her medicine so I had to resort to using a unique technique!"

Luo Chen nodded, indicating that he understood.

Although he looked terrified, he could hear the care and concern in his voice.

So it was his girlfriend who called...

In the next few moments, a certain great devil was obviously unable to continue on with his work - watching Ye Wanwan with a little beauty was enough to keep him busy...

Housekeeper Xu, who was still hiding at the door, gasped in amazement.

Miss Wanwan was truly formidable. Not only did master drink his medicine obediently, he even stopped working...

Just how did she do that?


As there were only three days left until the casting, Ye Wanwan made the most of all the time she had and talked through the script with Luo Chen for several hours.

Once they were done, Ye Wanwan picked up her phone and got a shock when she looked at it. She realized that the video call was still in progress.

"You didn't hang up?" Ye Wanwan asked with surprise.

Si Ye Han looked at her. That gaze... seems somewhat resentful...


But it was hard to blame him; his own girlfriend was with another man the whole afternoon, yet he could only see her through a video call.

Ye Wanwan coaxed him gently, "Baby, be good! As long as you take care of your body and recover from your illness, you'll live a long life and in the future, we'll be able to spend a long, long time together till our hair turns gray! Right~"

Even though he knew she was simply saying this to make him happy and didn't really mean it, Si Ye Han's expression still warmed up a little and he said plainly, "Are you coming back tonight?"

"Of course, of course! You're not feeling well. Don't keep moving around - I'll come find you! I gotta hang up now. I'll leave the house after I get changed!" Ye Wanwan hung up then changed into her female clothes.

Before heading to the old residence, Ye Wanwan went to a dessert shop, intending to pick up some desserts and candied plums for Si Ye Han.

Although his expression didn't change whenever he took his medication, just the smell of the Chinese medicine was scary enough, not to mention drinking it.

He could eat some candied plums after he drank his medicine each time - that should make things more tolerable.

This dessert shop had good business, so there was a very long queue and Ye Wanwan waited for nearly half an hour before it was finally her turn.

"Miss, how can I help you?" the shop assistant asked.

Ye Wanwan wanted to mainly get their candied plums - this shop's self-manufactured candied plums were very popular and had very good reviews.

So she looked at the remaining three jars and asked, "Is each person only allowed to buy three jars?"


"Give me all of these then!" Ye Wanwan said.

"Sure," the shop assistant said with a smile and started to pack them up for her.

Ye Wanwan was about to start choosing some other things, but the moment she said "give me all of these," there seemed to be a gasp of astonishment coming from behind her.

Ye Wanwan turned around instinctively and saw a young man standing behind her, clutching his chest like his heart was in great pain.

The man was about 1.8m tall. He wore a trendy, limited-edition laser jacket, ripped jeans and had cherry blossom pink highlights in his golden hair.

It was late at night, yet this person not only wore a thick mask, but he also wore a pair of huge sunglasses, hiding his entire face.

According to Ye Wanwan's sharp intuition, someone who would cover himself up like that was probably... a public figure...

Maybe he's some superstar?

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