Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 442: The grandmaster of beast tamers

Chapter 442: The grandmaster of beast tamers

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After Sun Bai Cao's prognosis of Si Ye Han's death in six months, the old madam started sending people to secretly scout for famous doctors.

Even if she knew it was impossible to find a better doctor than Sun Bai Cao, she still held onto a glimmer of hope.

At the old residence, in the little garden.

Mo Xuan was taken aback. "How did it become so serious all of a sudden? Didn't you say that woman seemed to have the ability to get 9th master to sleep better?"

"Even though her presence was slightly more effective than your efforts, it wasn't enough to slow down the progression of 9th master's illness! Anyway, recuperation takes time. Considering 9th master's work habits and irregular hours, resting only a little then doubling the energy he exerts doesn't quite cut it, so what use could she have?"

Xu Yi sighed and continued, "9th master not only lacks a hypnotist - he also needs someone who can control him!"

Mo Xuan laughed. "Control 9th master? That person has to be a grandmaster of beast tamers, huh?"

Xu Yi: "..." What the h*** is a beast tamer?

Xu Yi and Mo Xuan were conversing in the yard when they noticed two people walking over through the gaps in the leaves.

They saw Ye Wanwan carrying a bundle of white things walking in front, while the little maid behind her also carried a bundle of the same items; it looked like blankets. Also, they had a bunch of bodyguards carrying a deck chair and a stool.

A line of people majestically walked towards the little garden.

Si Ye Han was dressed in casual gray linen attire. He followed behind them leisurely.

Ye Wanwan led the people to a shady spot and the first thing she did was tell Si Ye Han: "Wait here first."

After that, she pointed at the meadow covered with Adonis flowers and instructed the bodyguards: "Place the deck chair here and put the stool next to it."

She lined the deck chair with a soft and comfortable mattress. After that was placed properly, Ye Wanwan put the pillow in her hands on top then continued to instruct the two little maids: "Give me the blankets!"

"Yes, Miss Ye." The little maid brought the blanket over accordingly.

Then Ye Wanwan placed the pillow on top. She extended her arms, patted the pillow then turned around to look at Si Ye Han who was standing against the sunlight. "What're you standing there for? Come over!"

Si Ye Han raised his brows slightly then walked over obediently.

"Sit down." Ye Wanwan patted the deck chair.

Si Ye Han sat on the chair.

Ye Wanwan indicated her satisfaction and said, "That's right, now lie down."

Si Ye Han laid down.

The deck chair was very long and wide, so Si Ye Han's tall build wasn't restricted at all.

After Si Ye Han laid down properly, Ye Wanwan covered him with the blanket then pulled out a stopwatch out of nowhere. "You shall take a nap starting right now. Ready, go."

Si Ye Han turned his head and looked at her. "I already slept last night."

Ye Wanwan's face darkened. "I'm not stupid; you were pretending to sleep for two hours last night and I don't even know what you were thinking about. You have to make up for it today! I even chose this spot for you to allow you to sleep happily and brighten your mood!"

Si Ye Han didn't indicate any agreement or disagreement to what Ye Wanwan said but instead, he glanced at the stool next to the deck chair.

Ye Wanwan followed his line of sight and looked at the stool as well then she glared at him with the ferociousness of a tiger. "What're you looking at? I'll be sitting here to monitor you!"

She plunked her butt down on the stool. "Close your eyes and sleep!"

This time, Si Ye Han didn't close his eyes. Instead, he looked at her meaningfully for a couple seconds.

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