Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 425: Break both his legs

Chapter 425: Break both his legs

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Si Ming Rong said in a deep voice with a rigid expression: "Take him down, torture and question him, lock up the Xu family and do not let a single one of them off."

This issue had already been settled; Xu Yi was going to meet an ending exactly the same as in her past life.

In her past life, after Xu Yi was taken away, Si Ming Li was itching to kill every member of the Xu family as punishment for their futile attempts to rebel, leaving no one alive!

Xu Yi had definitely guessed he was framed by now. It doesn't affect only me, but my entire family and relatives won't be able to escape this calamity. Even if master wakes up, he can't save me...

So after hearing the old madam and Si Ming Rong's words, Xu Yi's pupils constricted.

He knelt on the floor with one knee. His forehead was still bleeding with fresh blood flowing down his face. No matter how hard he tried to explain, nobody would believe him. No matter how he swore he was telling the truth, they would think he was putting on a show and being hypocritical. Even if he cut himself right there and then, they would think he committed suicide to escape punishment...

I have no means of proving my innocence!

"It wasn't me! I didn't do it! I didn't betray my master! That man really was a mole I planted!"

Xu Yi was instantly overwhelmed with despair. His eye sockets tore apart as he yelled, but he was simply met with pairs of cold eyes staring back at him...

Si Ming Li sneered. "According to the family rules, we have to break both his legs first then drag him into the prosecution hall!"

Two burly bodyguards with indifferent expressions, each holding a special rod in their hands, walked over to Xu Yi as if they were afraid Xu Yi would lose control and hurt people. One of the bodyguards instantly pressed Xu Yi down to the floor.

Ye Wanwan had a eureka moment - if she didn't remember wrong, Xu Yi's legs were disabled at this very moment...

"Let me go... I was wronged, I was wronged!" Xu Yi shouted in despair.


The bodyguard was annoyed as he threw non-stop punches at Xu Yi to the point where Xu Yi had no more strength to make a sound.

Xu Yi's face was covered in blood after taking several heavy punches. Those once wise and astute eyes were now dim without any light in them.

"I, Xu Yi, have always been loyal and devoted towards the master; I've never had a tinge of disloyalty in me... I've treated the people in the Si family like my own brothers and sisters... but things have reached this point and nobody's willing to believe me... haha... since all of you want me dead, why should I even try to defend myself..."

Xu Yi started laughing crazily like he accepted his fate.

The other guard with the special, long rod raised his right arm, exerting all his force. A moment of complete silence filled the air and the long rod ruthlessly went straight for Xu Yi's right leg.

"Master, Xu Yi can't be by your side anymore..."

A bitter smile appeared on Xu Yi's face as he closed both his eyes in despair.

At this exact moment, a weak figure flashed towards him.


The long rod with an all-powerful force stopped in mid-air all of a sudden.

And the other end of the rod was held tightly by a little hand.

Xu Yi furrowed his brows and opened his eyes instinctively. As this was all too sudden, he was a little dazed.

Although the girl in front of his eyes seemed a little weak, she was like a giant blocking his body, intercepting the rod that could break his right leg.

The guard turned to Ye Wanwan. He was a little taken aback as well. This woman is really strong...

"This..." the guard turned towards the elders.

This woman was the mistress of the Si family. At this moment, the mistress of the household actually stepped forward, so as a measly guard of the Si family, he didn't dare to act rashly.

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