Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 412: Truly unlike any other

Chapter 412: Truly unlike any other

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As Liu Ying and Song Jing's injuries were severe, the first thing they did after they arrived at the Chinese border was to get treatment.

Once they settled down, they could finally learn about the detailed sequence of events from Eleven.

Faced with eager pairs of eyes staring at him, Eleven started explaining everything from the beginning: "Then we indeed escorted Miss Wanwan to a safe place, but after we reached our destination, Miss Wanwan suddenly refused to leave!"

"Refused to leave?" Xu Yi mumbled.

"Yes, we were furious at the time. At the hotel, under such crucial life-or-death conditions, she still insisted on bringing her luggage filled with clothes and makeup. We thought she was just being difficult, but little did we know..."

Recalling the events, Eleven's tone was still somewhat emotional as he said: "She brought along her luggage on purpose. It was filled with props to disguise us as the Rose of Death..."

Liu Ying, Xu Yi and all the bodyguards turned to look at one another, confused.

The huge black luggage that Ye Wanwan treated like her baby actually contained all of that?

Liu Ying immediately asked, "Then what about the Black Widow's weapon, the golden silk?"

Eleven rubbed his nose. *cough* "According to Miss Wanwan, she bought it online for $9.90... those clothes were also custom-made online... since she bought many pieces... she got them for a wholesale price... less than $100 per piece..."

Everyone's expression: "..."

They actually relied on a bunch of cheap props to scare away the terrifying Murderous Blood Gang?

If they hadn't lived through the story just now... it would truly feel as if they were listening to a fairytale...

"But the thing is, how did she know so much about the Rose of Death? She even knew about K's real identity. Also, she made all these preparations beforehand?" someone from the group asked.

This was probably on everyone's mind as well.

Eleven waved his hand. "This... I'm not too sure myself..."

At this moment, a half-naked Song Jing wrapped up in bandages coughed lightly and muttered, *cough...* "Erm, it couldn't be that she predicted this again, right?"

At his words, everybody's expression was muted.

On the first day they arrived, Ye Wanwan predicted that Liu Ying would meet a bloody disaster; on the third day, she predicted that Song Jing would encounter a romantic calamity. Also, even before the trip, Ye Wanwan was certain that master would encounter danger during his trip...

Everything she predicted, every single incident, came to pass.

"Amazing! I suddenly realized that everything Miss Wanwan predicted till now actually happened..."

"Isn't this a little too unbelievable, huh?"

"666! She's indeed the woman our master has his eyes on! She's truly unlike any other!"

Everyone started exclaiming one after another, but of course, there were people who still had their doubts. How could there be someone who could really predict the future?

She's just an ordinary and weak woman, so how could she have known all these insider secrets?

After hearing Eleven's explanation and seeing everyone's doubtful expressions, Xu Yi's gaze swept across everybody and he said, "It doesn't matter how Miss Wanwan got to know all this. What's certain is that she helped us and saved all our lives, so she definitely doesn't have any evil intentions."

This was true - if it wasn't for her, all of them would have died...

Hearing what Xu Yi said, the doubts in everyone's hearts dissipated.

Especially Dark Team 1, who had gone through the life-or-death situation with Ye Wanwan and rescued the others, didn't have any suspicions at all.

Ye Wanwan could have easily chosen to protect herself, yet she chose to walk straight into danger and save the others.

This alone was enough to earn their respect.

What made them admire her more was that as a woman under such intense pressure, she was calmer than them, yet they had even undergone training for such circumstances. She personally led them to take control of the entire situation and escape from danger...

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