Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 373: Are you appeased now?

Chapter 373: Are you appeased now?

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Unless I'm a girl?

Damn it, I AM a girl; I'm a girl who likes guys, alright?

But the problem is that if other people find out I'm a girl, how would I deal with my broken agreement with Si Ye Han?

Compared to the little sheep Luo Chen, it was obvious that the great devil was a more thorny problem...

So my identity as a woman must never be revealed!

She could only think of another way to explain things to Luo Chen...

Although Han Xian Yu wanted to help, his hands were tied, so he left after picking up his beer. Before he left, he even helped them close the door thoughtfully.

Inside the apartment, Ye Wanwan shot a look of resentment at Si Ye Han. "Are you happy now?"

I already paid such a heavy price...

Si Ye Han's slender and long body sat on the sofa, his deep and unpenetrable eyes gazed at her. "You think I really mind being ugly?"

Being stared at by those eyes, Ye Wanwan subconsciously asked, "Then... what else is it?"

Si Ye Han didn't say a word, but the way he looked at her made her feel a sense of coldness and desolation like her surroundings were barren.

This cold and distant man who seemed to have no human emotions was giving her a sense of loneliness and solitude...

Ye Wanwan looked at the silhouette of the lonely man and her heart ached slightly.


She had to admit, the reason why she wanted him to meet her parents wasn't because their relationship was maturing, but it was to mellow out his attitude towards her parents. She was afraid that he might do something that would harm her parents...

She knew that ever since being reborn, she hadn't had a sense of security and had never genuinely opened herself to others.

However, with such an unequal relationship, how could she have no reservations?

Even after she was just reborn, she considered just enduring things till Si Ye Han died, then she would be freed and liberated...

She remembered that Si Ye Han's health had never been good - he already started to have all sorts of complications around this period of time and during the year when she and Si Ye Han got a divorce, it was as if the oil in Si Ye Han's lamp dried up, leaving not much time for him to live.

She clearly remembered that when Si Ye Han was signing the divorce papers, he couldn't even hold the pen properly.

After she left Si Ye Han, she heard about his critical condition in newspapers and gossip...

Although Si Ye Han already had a bundle of health issues, she couldn't deny that her meddling accelerated his death.

In her previous life, because of her, he treated his family as his enemy and had to deal with all kinds of trouble both domestically and externally, including assassination attempts. Due to overexertion, his already weak body deteriorated even more rapidly.

Si Ye Han's feelings towards her were so extreme that she couldn't take it, so she always thought about running away.

But what was undeniable was that no matter in this life or the past, no matter how terrifying this man looked on the surface, he never hurt her or the people around her from beginning to end.

Furthermore, after she was reborn, she discovered more and more sides to Si Ye Han that she hadn't seen before.

She just wanted to have freedom and wanted to preserve her life...

But why was it that every time she thought about his deteriorating health, thought of his illness, thought about how in a few years time, Si Ye Han might be terminally ill... her heart felt as if a huge sharp claw was tearing it apart?

Actually, Si Ye Han knew very well himself - he knew very well that she'd been deliberately putting on an act...

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