Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 354: An announcement!

Chapter 354: An announcement!

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Ye Mu Fan was so exasperated that he stopped caring and watched as Ye Wanwan made her way, step by step, towards the stage where Gu Yue Ze and Ye Yiyi were.

"I knew she would lose her reasoning once she saw Gu Yue Ze! Now you guys believe me, huh?" There was a trace of sorrow hidden in the darkness in Ye Mu Fan's eyes, and his fingers were almost white from clenching his fists.

If it wasn't for this bastard, his relationship with his younger sister wouldn't have turned out this way...

Liang Wan Jun's eyes were filled with worry as she looked at her daughter. "Mu Fan, don't say that about Wanwan. She changed a lot, so I believe she won't behave too rashly..."

Ye Shao Ting sighed and had nothing to say. Even if his daughter lost control and did something rash, he didn't have the ability to secure his daughter's happiness as her father, so he didn't have the right to blame or stop her.

After noticing the red figure walking towards the stage, everyone's eyes shifted from Gu Yue Ze and Ye Yiyi to Ye Wanwan.

After all, Ye Wanwan's appearance and aura were too alluring--wherever she went, she attracted everyone's attention.

Gu Yue Ze looked at the girl making her way slowly towards the stage and his expression turned colder, bit by bit.

To be fair, Ye Wanwan really changed his impression of her today but that was about it--he would never marry a worthless woman, the daughter of an abandoned son.

This kind of woman could probably be a lover or a sex partner but she wasn't qualified to be his wife at all.

Although Ye Wanwan's pestering had satisfied his vanity as a man, she overdid it and was rather irritating, especially on such an important day like today.

When Ye Wanwan came closer, Gu Yue Ze immediately pulled Ye Yiyi to his side to protect her, looking wary and on guard. "Second young mistress Ye, is anything the matter?"

A smile slowly appeared on Ye Wanwan's picturesque face as she said politely, "Mr. Gu, may I have the microphone, please?"

That smile was simply... a look of fawning adoration... bedazzling all living things...

Only the sound of the air-conditioning running in the hall was heard. Even Gu Yue Ze went blank for a moment and narrowed his ice-cold eyes as his black pupils sized up the girl in front of him suspiciously.

Ye Wanwan didn't speak either and stood there waiting.

The audience exploded into a cacophony of excited murmurs.

"Wow! Both his new and old lovers appeared on the same stage! This is so exciting!"

"What trouble is Ye Wanwan trying to stir up this time?"

"Could it be a public confession of her love? Either that or she's going to make a scene! Anyway, it's not like she hasn't done any of this before!"


Seeing that Ye Wanwan had appeared on stage all of a sudden, Ye Hong Wei's face turned slightly ugly and wanted to get someone to stop her, but Gu Yue Ze already passed the microphone over to Ye Wanwan.

"Thank you." Ye Wanwan took the microphone and thanked him courteously.

Gu Yue Ze looked indifferent, not making any comment.

Ye Yiyi raised her head to look at Gu Yue Ze, worried. Gu Yue Ze shot her a reassuring look.

Even if Ye Wanwan wanted to make a scene, he didn't intend on stopping her. On the contrary, the more trouble Ye Wanwan caused, the more advantageous it was to him...

"Distinguished guests, friends, thank you for coming today..." Ye Wanwan made all these pleasantries leisurely.


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