Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 348: Overwhelmed with honor

Chapter 348: Overwhelmed with honor

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Ye Yiyi and Gu Yue Ze immediately stood up and walked towards the elder.

"Great master Mei, we're truly honored to be able to finally see you!" Ye Yiyi looked surprised and was extremely welcoming.

"Good evening, great master Mei. I'm Gu Cang's son, Gu Yue Ze," Gu Yue Ze smiled and introduced himself.

Mei Jing Zhou nodded. "Good evening."

Indeed, he knew who Gu Cang from Imperial City Gu Group was--the two of them had some interactions before. Some time ago, Gu Cang also spent a hefty amount to obtain the painting "Autumn Dusk in the Mountain".

Seeing Ye Yiyi and Gu Yue Ze standing at the sides of Mei Jing Zhou, all the guests in the hall suddenly saw the light.

"Not only did they give the old man a calligraphy painting of great master Mei Jing Zhou, they even brought the master here personally..."

Not far off, Ye Shao Ting also kept looking towards great master Mei Jing Zhou.

Just like his old man, Ye Shao Ting also appreciated great master Mei Jing Zhou's calligraphy paintings and revered him. He already wanted to meet Mei Jing Zhou for some time, but Mei Jing Zhou was a very private person and didn't appear in public often, so he hadn't had any chances to meet him all this time.

Ye Wanwan narrowed her eyes and appeared amazed, "It's really Mei Jing Zhou..."

Ye Wanwan wasn't very familiar with Mei Jing Zhou, but her father and her grandfather both loved great master Mei's calligraphy painting, so she knew a little about him. She also knew what bringing this man here meant.

At this point in time, the Gu family's power already reached this point? They were actually able to invite Mei Jing Zhou himself to attend grandpa's birthday banquet?

Ye Shao Ting sighed. "It's great master Mei Jing Zhou himself, there's no mistaking it."

Ye Mu Fan looked sideways at Ye Wanwan face of "worship". "Hmph! That's right! It's Mei Jing Zhou! Your fiance's so capable, huh!"

"Great master Mei, this way please." Gu Yue Ze raised his right hand and gestured respectfully, leading in front and walking towards the main table.

Ye Yiyi accompanied Mei Jing Zhou. Her movements were elegant as she softly informed him of Ye Hong Wei's situation.

Just as he reached the main table, the elders all stood up and greeted Mei Jing Zhou as if they were on familiar terms and each person went to shake his hand.

"Haha, Old Ye, this granddaughter of yours is really capable; she actually managed to invite Mr. Mei Jing Zhou over!" One elder laughed, clearly envious.

At this moment, Ye Hong Wei was already standing up, right next to Mei Jing Zhou. Seeing Mei Jing Zhou, he was still somewhat in disbelief.

"Mr. Ye, since it's your birthday, I prepared something small for you."

Ye Hong Wei was overwhelmed with honor. He went blank for a period of time before reacting. "Great master Mei, the Ye family is already greatly honored by your gracious presence."

Ye Hong Wei truly admired Mei Jing Zhou.

Mei Jing Zhou smiled slightly and allowed his assistant to step forward, presenting two calligraphy paintings.

The assistant opened both paintings and placed them before Ye Hong Wei.

The first painting was a majestic white tiger roaring in the woods with a torrential river. The white tiger was vivid and lifelike; its stance looked like it could escape from the painting.

"Amazing... any works from the hand of Old Mei are indeed admirable!" Li Yue and Zhou Qing Gang peered closely and praised him to the high heavens.

Ye Hong Wei was astonished. This drawing from Mei Jing Zhou was at a completely different level compared to "Autumn Dusk in the Mountain".

Shortly after, everyone caught a glimpse of the second painting.

There were dark clouds everywhere with thunder and lightning. In the clouds, there was a green celestial dragon brushing the clouds away, revealing the dragon's head overlooking heaven and earth, mountains and rivers. It had a hint of unyielding and tyrannical grandeur, and it made the viewer feel as if he was really there, looking up at the azure dragon in the painting.


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