Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 327: Offer birthday greetings

Chapter 327: Offer birthday greetings

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"Ye Shao Ting's working at a small company today. He can't even provide for himself anymore and that daughter of his is a known troublemaker and looks extremely ugly--how could she be with Gu Yue Ze? Nevermind Gu Yue Ze or the Gu Group, unless he's blind, why would he choose to be with Ye Wanwan?"

"That's right! I also heard that before, Ye Shao Ting forced Gu Yue Ze and the Gu Group to agree to this engagement... when in fact, Gu Yue Ze was in love with Ye Yiyi at the time..."

"Although it was from an unconfirmed source, I don't think it's fake. That Ye Wanwan isn't only ugly, she's so fat. With Ye Wanwan's ugly and fat look, who would want to marry her? If Ye Shao Ting didn't abuse his power to bully others and despicably broke apart Gu Yue Ze and Ye Yiyi, how would Ye Wanwan have a shot at being Gu Yue Ze's fiancee?"

Most of these reporters only based their opinion of Ye Wanwan's looks on hearsay and hadn't seen her real life.

But everyone said the same thing about Ye Wanwan's appearance so there shouldn't be any discrepancy.

After listening to the same words so many times, they'd come true even if they were fake-- this had always been the case about rumors.

The reporters lingered around for a few hours longer while the artistes arriving gradually trickled to a few as the welcoming of guests finally came to an end at the Ye family's old residence.

However, many of the reporters stayed put. Nobody could guarantee that there wouldn't be any news throughout Old Ye's birthday banquet.

Even if they could merely catch some famous stars acting drunk, their long wait wouldn't be in vain.

After half an hour, those coming to celebrate Old Ye's birthday seemed to have all arrived and nobody else appeared.

Later that evening, a taxi slowly drove into the place. Among all the luxury sedans, the old and shabby taxi seemed particularly conspicuous.

"Probably came to the wrong place, huh..."

Seeing the taxi, a few reporters got curious-- which person would show up in a taxi when they're attending the Ye family's birthday banquet?

The Ye family's security guard stood outside the restricted area and stopped the car. After all, this was private property and not just anybody could be allowed inside.

The driver stopped the car and looked annoyed as he turned to the family of three seated at the back.

The middle-aged man had greying hair on his temples. His face was stained with hardships as he smiled apologetically at the driver then got off from the car after making payment.

In the front passenger seat, a handsome young man opened the car door.

"This is private property. Please leave if you have no business here," a few of the security guards said coldly to the family of three, impatience visible in their eyes.

After being stopped by security, a hint of fury appeared on the face of the teenager. "Do you know who we are?!"

"Mu Fan, don't be rash!" Liang Wan Jun reminded her son gently when she saw him so hot-tempered.

Ye Mu Fan furrowed his brows and gritted his teeth. Although he was unwilling, he still kept his mouth shut.

Ye Shao Ting glanced at his son and sighed in his heart. He then took a few steps forward and said kindly, "Please inform them that Ye Shao Ting's here to offer birthday greetings to his father."

"Ye... Ye Shao Ting?!"

Hearing that, the security guard was stunned.

He had been in charge of security of the Ye family for so many years and the leader of Ye Group was Ye Shao Ting before...

Although he had never met Ye Shao Ting in person, how could he be unfamiliar with this name?

"You... You're Ye Shao Ting, the young master of the Ye family?"

The security guard looked somewhat confused and he scanned this family of three. Other than the young man who appeared somewhat put together, this husband and wife looked particularly ordinary. Among all the guests here for the birthday banquet, one could even say they were dressed poorly.

How did a person like this even resemble the all-powerful Ye Shao Ting of years past...

"May I ask... if you have the Ye family's invitation card?" The security hesitated for a moment before asking.

"What nonsense are you spouting!" Without waiting for Ye Shao Ting to respond, Ye Mu Fan yelled, "We're here to celebrate grandpa's birthday, why would we need an invitation?!"

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