Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 312: Retake of a classic

Chapter 312: Retake of a classic

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When Luo Chen walked out of the makeup room, everyone's eyes lit up.

Before, his hair was too long, so Luo Chen looked a little dishevelled. Now, his black hair was short and his fringe had been trimmed, revealing a bright and full forehead and a pair of glistening eyes.

It was unlike those deliberately drawn, European, and thick double-eyelids that looked dull and lifeless once makeup was removed; the outer corners of Luo Chen's eyes were sloped upwards. Like people in the olden days, his double eyelids were extremely natural and his thin lips were the shade of cherry blossoms, making them look extremely kissable. His skin was perfectly smooth without a single pore visible.

The clothes Luo Chen was wearing was requested by Ye Wanwan; it wasn't too over-the-top. He wore a classic white-collared top and the only design on it was the star embroidered on his collar. For his bottoms, he wore a pair of black pants.

This look was neat and simple, matching Luo Chen's slightly cool and distant temperament. It was just like the ignorant yet hopeful figure in everyone's teenage memory.

No wonder Zhou Wen Bin didn't want to give Luo Chen up even after three years--Luo Chen was simply too pure and in the entertainment industry, this was extremely hard to come by.

Since he hadn't had such a drastic makeover for a long time, Luo Chen was a little uncomfortable with the staff and Ye Wanwan sizing him up.

"Ye-ge, what do you think? Is it alright?" the makeup artist asked.

"Not bad." Ye Wanwan nodded.

"Most importantly, Luo Chen has a good foundation--his skin's very soft and I didn't have to do much." Although the makeup artist was just saying all this to curry favor, she also genuinely meant it at the same time.

After so many years of being a makeup artist, she could easily tell with one look whether someone had undergone plastic surgery or not, and she was sure that this face of Luo Chen's was totally natural.

In all fairness, Ye Bai did have quite good taste--judging by Luo Chen's face, there really weren't many artists who could compare to him. In all of Dazzling, only Gong Xu could really match up to him.

At this moment, the cameraman adjusted the lighting and walked towards them to ask, "Ye-ge, may I know what we're shooting today?"

"Shooting a video," Ye Wanwan replied.

The cameraman was under the assumption he'd be taking publicity photos for Luo Chen and wasn't prepared to shoot a video. He was somewhat taken aback as he asked, "Shooting a video? What's it about?"

Luo Chen, who was standing at the side quietly, also turned to look out of curiosity.

Ye Wanwan opened a document from her phone and showed it to Luo Chen, "Do you still remember this line?"

Luo Chen looked at her phone and in the next second, he was totally stunned...

It was a line from "Terrifying Dragon"...


How could I not...

I remember every single line of Terrifying Dragon clearly, without a single word missing...

He was truly passionate about acting and loved being able to take on the roles of different characters.

While he was acting in "Terrifying Dragon", it was the happiest period of his life. During those three years after the show, the cast, crew members, and sword fights often appeared in his dreams.

That was the only precious memory he had ever since he debuted.

"Remember..." Luo Chen replied in a trance.

"We'll film this part today."

When Luo Chen heard that he shuddered-- they wanted him to re-enact this part again?

Ye Wanwan didn't waste any time. She leaned back on the seat and said directly, "If you don't have any issues, let's start right away. I'll give you three minutes to get into character."

Luo Chen was stunned for a while before recovering his composure. He quickly made preparations while the cameraman hurriedly got his equipment ready.


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