Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 26: Eternal kisses

Chapter 26: Eternal kisses

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At the dormitory.

[9th master, 9th master~ Why haven't you replied? Did you like my poem?~ I want compliments, rewards and kisses~]

There was no reply from the other end after Ye Wan Wan sent that text. To play it safe, she had decided to send this to supplement the previous message.

Actually, she felt a little uneasy as she was unsure whether this would work on Si Ye Han.

Also, that poem was supposed to be written by guys for their sweethearts.

That guy wouldn't be offended at being treated like a woman and receiving such a mushy confession, would he?

In her previous life, she had been dragged back in the middle of the night by Si Ye Han's men. The chaos provoked much discussion in school with all sorts of rumours spreading around. Some said that she had a sugar daddy and was caught because she ran away, some said that her family was deep in debt with loan sharks and they caught her to sell her body...

Although the rumours were baseless, all these gossips could destroy a person.

Thinking back on the past, Ye Wan Wan felt a chill...

Then, the phone in her palm suddenly vibrated.

Ye Wan Wan paused for a moment and slowly looked at the new text message...

Si Ye Han had replied her with a single word "Good" and even added a "kissing" emoticon.

Ye Wan Wan stared at that "kiss", completely stunned, "..."

Could you imagine a ferocious and vicious monster sending you a "kissing" emoticon?

At the same time, the chill that had pervaded her body dissipated due to that unbelievable emoticon.

Si Ye Han... seemed to be different... from the guy she had known in her previous life...

In addition, she had also found out something incredible!

Ye Wan Wan cupped her chin, lightly tapped her cheeks and composed another text message to send over: [Eternal kisses~ Just one more week until exams~ I will be focusing on my revision so for now, I won't be able to text you anymore. You must remember to miss me every day~]

Afer Ye Wan Wan sent the text, the opposite party replied within seconds, [Yeah.]

Staring at that incredibly simple "Yeah", Ye Wan Wan blinked in astonishment.

That... that actually worked?

I just said that I wouldn't be contacting him for a week! He's fine with that?

She couldn't have guessed that... just some casual flirting would be so useful...

Ye Wan Wan remained motionless for 3 seconds, then banged her head on her desk, wishing to kill herself. If she had known that Si Ye Han was so easy to please, she wouldn't have suffered so much in her previous life!

Fine, discovering the secret weapon to deal with that monster is definitely a good thing.

After dealing with Si Ye Han, Ye Wan Wan had no more distractions. She could bury her head in her books and put her heart and soul into her studies.

7 days went by in a blink of an eye.

In these 7 days, Ye Wan Wan slept only 3 to 4 hours a day. Finally, she managed to cover all the material from Senior years 1 to 3.

Now that she realized how painful it was to not have enough sleep, she would sleep from dawn to dusk once exams were over.

On the first day of exams was the comprehensive liberal arts and language exam. Ye Wan Wan drifted into the classroom like a wandering ghost.

Initially, there was some noisy chatter but the moment Ye Wan Wan appeared, it was like the stereo had been turned down and there was immediate silence.

Ye Wan Wan didn't wear her green wig today and her makeup was also very light. However, she had stayed up for 7 days so her dark circles looked scarier than her smokey eye makeup and her messy waist length hair was just as horrifying as her green wig...

The boy sleeping on the desk as usual heard the shuffling of tables and chairs and opened his eyes in annoyance.

The next second, the boy was so shocked that his whole body jerked back. The chair shrieked against the floor, letting out a piercing screech.

The boy stared at the "Sadako" next to him, beads of sweat forming on his forehead. His face darkened and he cursed softly, "S, h, i, t!!!"


Translator's Thoughts

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"Sadako" was a ghost from a movie called The Ring.

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