Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 2488 - Side Story; Nameless Nie 21

Chapter 2488 Side Story; Nameless Nie 21

“Are you two in a secret relationship together?” Madam Nie was displeased.

“Ah… No way, right? Ling Miao is our aunt though…” Nie Linglong was shocked.

“Shoo shoo shoo, what business is it of yours? Isn’t rice enough to stuff your mouth shut?” Nameless Nie glanced at Nie Linglong.

Then Nameless Nie unhappily replied, “I’m not in a secret relationship with Ling Miao at all. We’re in an open and honorable relationship together. Plus, Mom, since you knew, why did you kick Ling Miao out?”


Patriarch Nie snorted. “Nameless Nie, where do you get the face to ask me why? You don’t care about face, but the Nie family still wants to preserve their face!”

“How do I not care about face?” Nameless Nie was discontent.

“Ling Miao is your aunt. What’s the connection between you two, huh? Yet you’re dating Ling Miao?!” Madam Nie appeared worked up.

“Mom, aren’t you taking it too seriously? Ling Miao might be my aunt in name, but in truth, we don’t have any direct blood ties, alright? If we look back, the last 18 generations of our ancestors don’t have any blood ties with Ling Miao’s last 18 generations of ancestors! It’s merely a polite form of address. It’s not like you and Dad are unaware,” Nameless Nie explained.

“We know, but do outsiders know?” Patriarch Nie demanded.

“Who do you represent? You represent the Nie family. It doesn’t matter how other people look at us, but it’s unpermissible for you to defame the Nie family!” Madam Nie reproached.

Nameless Nie was riled up and turned to Patriarch Nie. “Dad, tell me—is your son more important, or is an outsider’s opinion more important?!”

“I think your family is more important…” After saying that, Patriarch Nie quietly started eating dinner.

“Moreover, Ling Miao isn’t a member of the Independent State. Don’t tell me you don’t know about the Independent State’s rules?!” Madam Nie continued.

“What a joke. This is my own business. Since when could the Independent State’s supposed rules control me?” Nameless Nie snorted.

“You’re simply insolent!” Madam Nie shot up from her seat.

“Sit down… Why are you also standing up? Calm down…” Patriarch Nie set down his chopsticks and looked at Madam Nie.

“Dad, Mom, it’s true that our Nie family is ranked number one amongst the four great clans, but have you thought about this? Without me, Nameless Nie, how could you compete with the Ji family? The Ji family has Ji Xiuran, so without me, do you think you’d still take the number one position from the Ji family?”

“Nonsense, Ji Xiuran was just taking your Sister Worriless into consideration. Do you really think he’d lose to you?” Madam Nie said. “Anyway, your dad and I absolutely won’t permit you to keep contacting Ling Miao. It’s for your own good!”

Nameless Nie stood up silently in front of the table.

A while later, the corner of Nameless Nie’s lips twitched.

“Is that so… For my own good…?”

A second later, Nameless Nie flipped over the table.

Bowls and chopsticks were scattered all over the floor.

Nameless Nie’s behavior caused his parents to jolt in fright.

“D*mn punk, you’ve gone mad!” Patriarch Nie shouted.

Madam Nie was trembling uncontrollably with rage.

“Dad, Mom… It’s because you’re too selfish…” Nameless Nie turned around and didn’t look back. “You didn’t do it for me or for the Nie family… In truth, you only did it for yourself. Including Worriless… In order to compromise with Grandpa, you allowed Grandpa to take Worriless away at a young age, causing Worriless to lose out on her parents’ companionship since she was little… However, you might’ve mistaken one thing… I’m Nameless Nie. My fate won’t be manipulated by anyone, even if that person is the Heavenly Emperor himself!”

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