Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 236: Why are you so annoying?

Chapter 236: Why are you so annoying?

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Ye Wanwan was completely stunned by a certain pervert.

I said it in that weird way on purpose, yet he still looks forward to it?

What else I say...

Ye Wanwan gave up trying to communicate with Si Ye Han. Devastated, she put down the cake she had ruined.

Of all things, why did I ruin the cake?! My heart hurts...

As for the main culprit, he was still demanding to be let off.

Xu Yi glanced helplessly to the back seat for instructions, "Master? This..."

Si Ye Han replied casually, "Call big brother and tell him that Xiaxia won't be going home tonight."

Xu Yi: "Yes!"

Si Xia had goosebumps all over when he heard that. He pounded on the window with great force, "Si Ye Han! What do you want to do with me? Let me off! I want to go back!"

Si Ye Han warned him with a glacial stare, "The teacher called today and said the application forms were issued."

"So what? That has nothing to do with you!" Si Xia sneered.

Si Ye Han ignored Si Xia and continued, "Which school do you want to go to?"

"I already said this has nothing to do with you! I don't want to go to a university, alright?" Si Xia replied, annoyed.

Si Ye Han nodded, "Sure."

Si Xia was slightly taken aback, "Really?"

Si Ye Han looked at Wanwan, who was still upset over her cake, "I'll get you a new one when we get back."

Once he was done soothing Ye Wanwan, he turned back to Si Xia and said, "If you don't want to continue with school, you'll have to get married then."

"Ma... Married?!" Si Xia was in complete shock like he'd just been struck by lightning, "Si Ye Han, are you human?! I'm still so young, yet you're so eager to sell me off!"

Si Xia looked as if he was a little princess being married off by her heartless father.

Si Ye Han replied without any expression, "Continue with your studies then. If you can't get into Imperial University this time, I'll arrange a marriage for you the next month."

Si Xia: "..." F***!

Revenge! This guy's obviously trying to get revenge!

Ye Wanwan rejoiced in Si Xia's misfortune. Blame your senseless talk! Who asked you to hitch a ride with us? !

Jin garden:

Just like that, Si Xia's initial plan to hitch a ride and provoke Si Ye Han was ruined. He ended up at Si Ye Han's place and was even forced to complete the application form.

Both Ye Wanwan and Si Xia sat at one corner of the table while Si Ye Han watched over them at the side, like an exam invigilator.

Si Xia was forced by Si Ye Han to apply for Imperial University.

Ye Wanwan saw the plight that Si Xia was in and felt sorry for him since she was in the same predicament too. She said nervously, "I want to get into Imperial Media University's PR profession; can I apply?"

"Too far," Si Ye Han rejected her proposal as expected.

Ye Wanwan sobbed, "It's not really that far. Anyway, it's still in the city, around two to three hours away from Jin garden?"

It looked like Si Ye Han wasn't going to change his mind. Ye Wanwan made an emotional plea, "I thought you looked forward to me becoming a successful woman? If you keep restricting me from doing this and that, when will I ever grow up? Now, it's going to university, what about next time when I'm going out into society for work or an internship? Are you going to stop me then too? When will it be my turn to do whatever I want to you, every day?!"

Si Xia: "May I be excused already?"

Si Ye Han turned to her, "You don't have to be successful--you can do whatever you want to me right now."

Si Xia: "Are you guys listening to what I just said?!"

Ye Wanwan was so pissed that she took Si Ye Han's hand and bit down on it, "Why are you being so damn annoying?!"

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