Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 2327 - Barrel in and poach people

Chapter 2327 Barrel in and poach people

Ye Wanwan immediately looked at her gratefully. “Thank you, Senior Sister! You’re the best!”

“Why are you being polite to me?!”

The two of them arrived in front of Si Yehan’s current residence.

They were about to exit the car when Ye Wanwan suddenly stopped Medusa. “Senior Sister, wait!”

The duo had parked the car far away and saw that a car seemed to have been parked at the entrance for a very long time.

As soon as Si Yehan arrived, the doors to that car opened, and a woman wearing a steward uniform, who looked to be in her 50s or 60s, walked out.

Behind the housekeeper were two young, beautiful, and exquisitely dressed girls.

One of the girls was exceedingly beautiful while the other was bewitching and seductively. They were two entirely different types, but both had extremely outstanding looks.

When the two girls saw Si Yehan, their eyes brightened, and they unwaveringly stared at him.

Ye Wanwan narrowed her eyes, feeling the situation taking a downturn.

“Eldest Young Master, you’re back.” The housekeeper respectfully bowed at Si Yehan.

Si Yehan glanced at the two women behind the housekeeper. His mood was bad to begin with, but his expression darkened even more. “It appears Director Yin doesn’t recall what I said to her at the banquet last time.”

The housekeeper had her head lowered and said neither servile nor haughty, “Eldest Young Master, I’m merely obeying my orders. Madam ordered me to bring these people to you. If you don’t accept it, I can only continue to send more.”

When Lin Que felt his Ninth Brother’s expression turning more frightening, he felt as though his head could explode.

There was already a hole in the ceiling, but it just had to keep raining every night. How come they couldn’t nip these peach blossoms and they increased instead?

“Say, Auntie Qiao, how can you guys act like this? Ninth Brother already said he doesn’t need them, but you just have to keep sending them!” Lin Que angrily cried.

“This old servant is just obeying her orders. If Eldest Young Master doesn’t like these two girls, this old servant can send other girls tomorrow.” The housekeeper was unrelenting.

Lin Que: “…”

Nearby, the volume of their conversation was enough for Ye Wanwan to hear it clearly. She finally realized what was going on.

She knew it! She knew it! The matter was identical to her initial anticipations!

Yin Yuerong really was poaching her prey from the very beginning!

And she was sending people every single day?!

Ye Wanwan pushed open the door with a swish and stomped out. Medusa was afraid Ye Wanwan would wreak havoc, so she hastily followed.

“Housekeeper Qiao!”

The girl’s clear and melodious voice surprised the housekeeper, and the woman reflexively turned to the speaker.

“You are…” The housekeeper never saw Ye Wanwan in real person but had seen her in photos, so she immediately recognized the newcomer. “Miss Nie…?”

Behind Ye Wanwan, Medusa spoke up. “This is President Yi’s daughter, Yi Yunmo, Miss Yi.”

The housekeeper’s expression turned serious and she immediately greeted Ye Wanwan reverently, “So you’re Miss Yi. This old servant has been rude.”

So… she was Yi Yunmo—the woman whose identity Old Madam suspected.

Lin Que looked at Yi Yunmo, who suddenly appeared, and turned further dumbstruck. “D*mn… why did this woman chase us all the way here? What does she want?”

Yu Shao looked at Yi Yunmo and the housekeeper and her two accompanying beautiful women. His head pounded incessantly.

What kind of strange scene was this…

Ye Wanwan’s face was frosty as she surveyed the two beautiful women behind the housekeeper. “Housekeeper Qiao, it appears my recent attitude wasn’t expressed clearly enough?”

Housekeeper Qiao kept her head lowered. “This old servant doesn’t understand your meaning, Miss Yi.”

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