Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 228: Open 3000 harems

Chapter 228: Open 3000 harems

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Ye Wanwan instantly felt alive the moment she found out she could return home.

She took her temperature, called the elderly doctor to take her pulse again and after making sure she was totally fine, Si Ye Han indeed called on Xu Yi to drive her back.

Probably because she was very homesick and had just escaped death, she felt a sudden nervousness thinking about how she was finally able to see her parents.

After they went bankrupt, her parents sought shelter at her maternal uncle's place and were still living there today.

Her uncle, Liang Jia Hao, was mediocre at best and extremely incompetent. He graduated from an average university, didn't have any special abilities and hadn't accomplished anything in life. Even his wedding was paid for and arranged by her parents, and the house he lived in after his marriage was also one of the properties under Ye Wanwan's father's name.

After all these years, under her father's financial assistance, he became a small boss of his own company and led a comfortable life. Her auntie was a full-time housewife and stayed home to help her daughter with her studies.

If she remembered correctly, her cousin Liang Shi Han should be in senior year now, preparing for the college entrance exams with her.

Liang Shi Han was arrogant and willful. She loved competing with Ye Wanwan--whenever Ye Wanwan got any new toys, Liang Shi Han schemed of ways to get them as well.

Her mother loved her younger brother ever since they were little and she was also very loving towards her niece. Basically, any gifts she gave to Ye Wanwan would also be given to Liang Shi Han. She treated Liang Shi Han almost like her own daughter. Ye Wanwan was so jealous that she quarrelled with her mother over this several times.

After the incident, her mother's first instinct was, naturally, to flee to her beloved younger brother...

Ye Wanwan was deep in thought. Shortly, the car arrived at a group of villas.

The surroundings and plants were aesthetically pleasing. Each villa stood alone with a little garden.

Ye Wanwan quickly asked Xu Yi to stop the car when she spotted the familiar building from afar.

Just as she was about to get off the car, Xu Yi in the driver's seat suddenly turned to her, aggrieved.

Ye Wanwan had goosebumps looking at his expression, "Housekeeper Xu, do you have something to say?"

What does he want, looking like a dying man saying his last words?

Xu Yi continued staring at her, aggrieved, " Ms Ye, I'm still single, I don't have a wife..."

Ye Wanwan, "So?"

Xu Yi, "At least let me live till the day I get married, deal?"

I was just thinking that master had his own principles and limits... but within a night, master actually allowed Ye Wanwan to return home...

As he left the house today, he requested the master for more personnel to follow Ye Wanwan closely, but his master only sent him alone to drive her.

This means he doesn't have any intentions of keeping a close watch on Ye Wanwan's actions...

But if she disappears, my head will be on the chopping block!

The corners of Ye Wanwan's lips twitched, "If you're worried, you can come along with me!"

"Really, I can?" Xu Yi's eyes lit up.

Ye Wanwan: "Sure! At most, my parents would just mistake you for my boyfriend!"

Xu Yi: "...I think I'll just stay in the car and wait for you!"

Ye Wanwan looked at the horizon and replied plainly, "Don't worry, I won't run away because I don't want to die yet too... if I really get my freedom, one day... I want to have 180 young gigolos and open 3000 harems..."

Xu Yi: "...!!!"

What the! My dear girl! Please don't say something so scary, all right?

Most importantly, I can't believe she actually said such things for me to hear!

I don't want to hear any bit of this!

Did the fever hit her brain?!

Ye Wanwan saw Xu Yi's terrified expression and curled her lips into a smile. She knew Xu Yi wouldn't dare tell Si Ye Han about this so it didn't matter that Xu Yi knew about it. Anyway, whether she played pretend or not, Si Ye Han's underlings wouldn't believe a thing she said.

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