Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 226: Her pulse

Chapter 226: Her pulse

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Xu Yi's eyes widened in disbelief, unable to believe the scene in front of him.

Damn! Si Lu Te, who hates being with humans, is actually lying right next to Ye Wanwan obediently! He's not even trying to tear her apart while she grabs its hair and hugs its paws!

But why does it seem like there's something wrong with Ye Wanwan?

Xu Yi's heart was confused. He had just realised something was off with Ye Wanwan when the figure next to him was already in the middle of hurrying over and carrying Ye Wanwan away from Great White.

"Go get Old Sun!"

"Yes!" Xu Yi's sweat poured down in streams as he rushed out obediently.

If something untoward happened to Ye Wanwan, everyone in this house would have to be buried with her!

Half an hour later, the entire Jin garden was brightly lit.

All the servants stood in a row in the living room, trembling with terror in their white faces. A black car stopped outside the house and a young man helped an elderly person with white hair out.

Xu Yi hurriedly led the way to the house with the two people behind him.

The entire Jin garden was shrouded by a dark cloud.

When Old Sun and his chief disciple arrived, all they saw was a girl lying in bed with Si Ye Han sitting by the bedside. The girl clutched his hand tightly.

After they got a clear glimpse of the girl's appearance, a trace of astonishment flashed in the disciple's eyes.

This girl was so beautiful that even when she looked so weak and her cheeks were flushed, she was still extremely stunning. No wonder this master, who was said to be ruthless, was so worried about her.

It really was like the idiom "beautiful women suffer unhappy fates". I wonder what illness this girl's contracted?

"Old Sun, please."

Si Ye Han said as he wriggled his hand out of the girl's embrace.

However, even if he moved just an inch away from her, the girl became visibly distressed and tightened her grip, as if she was holding onto her only lifeline.

Si Ye Han looked at the elderly man and asked, "Could you take her pulse like this?"

Old Sun coughed lightly, "I'm afraid not; it'll affect the results."

He thought he'd been called to this house because this young master's body could no longer take his long-term insomnia. Who would've guessed that the one who needed his care wasn't him but this girl?

Si Ye Han hesitated for a bit, then forcefully pulled his arm out and placed the girl's hand on the little pillow (for taking pulses) lightly.

The moment he pulled his arm away, tears of suffering rolled down from the girl's eyes.

Old Sun didn't dare treat this matter lightly. Instead of making his disciple take her pulse, he did it personally.

Old Sun took an exceptionally long time to take her pulse that his disciple became more and more nervous, wondering what illness was so tricky that even his master had trouble.

Old Sun took her pulse thrice, then finally turned to Si Ye Han and said, " Mr Si, don't worry. This lady is feverish due to the cold weather. She just needs some antipyretic and will recover very soon."

After Old Sun was done with his diagnosis, Si Ye Han glanced at the girl who was in so much pain that she dampened the pillow with her tears. He immediately repositioned his hand, allowing her to hold onto it again. Only then did he turn to the elderly man and reply, "I'm afraid I'm going to have to trouble you. Old Sun, please stay the night, just in case."

Hearing the conversation between the two of them, the disciple next to Old Sun opened his eyes wide. All this for a mere fever?

He could've used a thermometer to take her temperature at home for a small illness like this! But he actually called for the secluded renowned doctor, Sun Bai Cao, to observe her overnight!

The disciple opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something but his master quickly turned to him and shook his head, indicating for him to keep silent.

Following this, the elderly man stood up and said, "Thank you for your hospitality then."

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