Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 220: Sounds like he just got dumped

Chapter 220: Sounds like he just got dumped

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Having successfully endured two hours of tutoring, Ye Wanwan returned to her room, content to continue doing more practice questions by herself.

Time flew as Ye Wanwan immersed herself in her newly acquired knowledge. In the blink of an eye, she had worked well into the night.

Hm, time to pay my tuition fee...

Although she was full of conviction when she said "deal", now that it was time to pay her dues, she started feeling very nervous.

Especially since Si Ye Han said he's a normal man...

After showering and much dilly-dallying, Si Ye Han still hadn't come to fetch her. Ye Wanwan got anxious waiting for him, but she didn't want to go to him directly so she gave him a call.

At the same time in the study:

Xu Yi was doing his routine report.

After some time, Mo Xuan also entered, "9th master, you called for me?"

Why did he call me over so early? It's not his bedtime yet...

Si Ye Han looked up and said to Mo Xuan, "Starting from today, you don't have to see me at night for the time being."

When Mo Xuan heard that, he was stunned, "Uh, I don't have to come anymore? But 9th master, your illness..."

Xu Yi, who was holding a stack of documents, was also filled with surprise.

Master's recent condition hasn't been the best; why'd he ask Mo Xuan to stop coming all of a sudden?

"Did master find a more suitable doctor?" Xu Yi asked.

Mo Xuan furrowed his brows. He didn't want to brag but in the field of hypnotism, he was the best and nobody could compete, so it was impossible for the master to find someone better.

At this moment, Si Ye Han's phone rang.

Both of them saw the caller ID indicating Ye Wanwan's name.

Why did Ye Wanwan phone him when she's in the house?

While they both muddled over this, they overheard Ye Wanwan's voice from the receiver——

"Hello... Si Ye Han, I wanted to check... what time do you sleep? Should I go over to your room or are you coming over to mine?"

As the study was very quiet, Ye Wanwan's words were quite clear and the two of them were stunned by her words.

"I'll head over once I've settled some things."

Si Ye Han put down the phone, turned to Mo Xuan and continued, "I'll still give you your salary and will get Xu Yi to call you when I need you to come back."

After this, he made the two of them leave the room.

Mo Xuan was still in a confused daze, "What's going on?"

Xu Yi patted his shoulders sympathetically, "You still don't get it? Miss Ye will be attending day school now so she won't be staying in the dorm anymore, meaning that the master has found someone to sleep with him. You don't have to come for the time being!"

Mo Xuan's face darkened, "Why do you sound so weird?"

He made it sound like I just got dumped...

Mo Xuan muttered to himself, "I'm really surprised. I didn't expect Ye Wanwan to be so well-behaved and straighten out her thinking so suddenly. This definitely isn't how she usually behaves. I thought after 9th master lost control and put his hands on her that she'd cause chaos on earth, but in the end, she was unbelievably calm..."

I'm just afraid there's trouble brewing ahead...

Xu Yi naturally knew what he was thinking, "It doesn't matter whether she really sorted out her thinking or if she's still thinking of escaping--it makes no difference. 9th master would never let her go. Do you think she could hurt 9th master by herself? That's obviously impossible!"

Mo Xuan sighed, "Ay, it's good to not have to come here for the time being. I can finally take a breather. With me not around, you have to pay more attention to 9th master's condition and give me updates. Who knows, maybe that woman really can untie the knot in 9th master's heart..."

"Got it," Xu Yi replied.

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