Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 203: I really have to hand it to you

Chapter 203: I really have to hand it to you

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"Achoo!" Ye Wanwan sneezed as the wind blew right into her face.

She had no choice--she was seated in the first row facing the door and the cold wind was blowing right through.

Due to the weather changes, there were many anxious parents who delivered clothes to their children personally and some got their helpers to deliver them to their little babies.

Ye Wanwan was contemplating whether to head back to her dorm in the snow to get a blanket when she saw a familiar figure opposite, near class A.

The moment she saw that person, Ye Wanwan's expression changed and she stood up immediately.

Big brother...

What she saw was Shen Meng Qi walking out of her classroom in a flimsy dress as Ye Mu Fan took out a long coat from the bag in his hand. He wrapped Shen Meng Qi up tightly, rubbed her hands for some warmth and then spoke to her with a loving expression.

It was as if Ye Wanwan lost her soul when she stood there watching that scene. Her eyes turned red immediately.

Si Xia immediately took notice of Ye Wanwan acting differently. He raised his brows and looked in the direction that she was staring at, and first saw Shen Meng Qi before seeing a tall and handsome man.

Even with his high standards, he had to admit that the handsome man was a rare sight and what shocked him was that this man seemed to resemble Ye Wanwan?

"Hey... What're you doing? Looking at cute guys?" Si Xia asked in confusion.

Ye Wanwan didn't react at all; her sight kept following that man, looking at him fussing and nagging at Shen Meng Qi, looking at him walking Shen Meng Qi back to class and watching him go downstairs and driving out of the school's gate...

Until that car vanished into the snow, Si Xia watched as Ye Wanwan's tears streamed down.

Seeing that Ye Wanwan was crying all of a sudden, Si Xia was in shock, "Hey... hey, what's wrong with you? Why're you crying suddenly? You... Are you all right..."

Ye Wanwan continued looking in the direction of Ye Mu Fan leaving as her tears continued streaming down silently, completely out of her control.

After some time, Ye Wanwan sat down sluggishly and laid her head on the desk. She covered her tear-stained face and her shoulders shook slightly as she started to sob lightly, "Bad person..."

He knew that she and Shen Meng Qi were in the same school, he knew that she'd be in the classroom just opposite of Shen Meng Qi's yet he delivered a coat only to Shen Meng Qi and forgot about her completely.

Was this punishment?

If it was, he succeeded.

I'm so depressed and hurt--I feel like I'm almost dying!

When she thought about her older brother, who once loved her so much, giving everything to Shen Meng Qi...

But she was the one who caused everything to go this way...

This was the first time ever since she was reborn that she couldn't control her emotions at all and didn't want to control them anymore; it was too difficult to bear...

Si Xia was at a loss, "Ye Wanwan, what exactly happened? Bad person? Who's the bad person? Don't cry anymore..."

He kept disturbing her and her head was on the verge of breaking, "Don't bother me, I'm cold so I'm crying, alright?"

Si Xia pursed his lips tightly and stared at her crying on her desk as he muttered softly, "I really have to hand it to you!"

He then grabbed the edge of the t-shirt he was wearing, casually flipped it over and managed to remove his top seamlessly. Then, he forcefully placed it over Ye Wanwan...

The class went silent for an entire ten seconds. Following that, they oogled at Si Xia's naked upper body, his collarbone, muscles...

Every girl in class let out a scream as if an atomic bomb had exploded——"Ah! Aahhhhhhh——"

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