Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1983 - Taking this face into consideration

Chapter 1983 Taking this face into consideration

Si Yehan still acted aloof toward Ye Wanwan and wouldn’t answer unless she madly bombarded him in messages. However, Ye Wanwan didn’t mind and would send a few messages whenever she was free regardless of whether he responded or not.

As soon as she arrived and got out of the car, she sent him a message: [Darling, I’m here. Are you also here?]

Big Dipper happened to see the message Ye Wanwan sent to the Owner of the Independent State’s Vinegar Factory, and his eyes popped out of their sockets.

D*mn! What’s going on?

Could it be this Owner of the Independent State’s Vinegar Factory was also one of the attendees of today’s conference?

Ye Wanwan didn’t notice Big Dipper peeping and cheerily continued to send messages.

At the same time, at a certain villa in the depths of the hot springs resort:

Three people sat under a gigantic ancient locust tree.

“Say, Old Xie, why are you holding a conference for no reason? Why did you have to drag me back to this terrible place from China?! I’m bored to death!”

One of the people voiced his complaints while looking incredibly bored. He had a head of curly brown hair that reached his shoulders and was wearing a wine-red silk dress shirt with only one button crookedly fastened by his collar while the rest were casually unfastened.

The man sitting across from the speaker had his black, short hair combed back and was wearing an iron-gray suit and a grave and stern expression. Hearing that, he took a sip of the Pu’er tea from his cup before retorting in disapproval, “You’ve already gone out and had your fun for three months. Isn’t that enough? It’s time to do business.”

The red-shirt man pursed his lips and turned to the man who had been staring at his phone since he sat down under the shade of the tree before complaining, “Hey, isn’t that unfair, Old Xie? I only had three months of fun, but Ah-Ye frolicked around in China for several years, alright? Why aren’t you lecturing him?

“Also, that irresponsible older brother of yours flat out handed the responsibility to you before running to China to have fun! He even relied on his face and schmoozed into getting the undeserved title of Best Actor. He’s deceived so many adorable young women! He’s utterly shameless!”

Xie Qianchuan, the man wearing an iron-gray suit, didn’t want to mention his awful elder brother and glanced at Si Yehan. When Xie Qianchuan saw that the other man wasn’t listening to them at all and had his head lost in the clouds, he exasperatedly asked, “Ah-Ye, are you waiting for a call?”

“No,” the man calmly replied as he looked up, revealing a gorgeous face that made the scenery around them dim in color.

Jiang Lihen was contemptuous. “What? You’re clearly absentminded! Look at him, Old Xie. He’s obviously indulging in pleasure and forgetting his home and duties. His heart is obviously elsewhere!”

“Don’t misuse idioms,” Xie Qianchuan admonished, his head pounding.

At that moment, a message tone chimed from Si Yehan’s phone.

Si Yehan clicked open the message almost instantly.

[MW: Darling, I’m here. Are you also here?]

She also came today…

As though he had been waiting for this news all along, Si Yehan’s worries finally eased.

However, he both wanted to see her and was afraid of seeing her.

Jiang Lihen raised his brows. “What happened? Did some trouble arise from the ancient clan again?”

Aside from that, he seriously didn’t know what could dominate that guy’s attention so much.

Xie Qianchuan also asked, “Is it your mother?”

Chilliness surfaced in Si Yehan’s eyes. “She’s no longer related to me.”

Jiang Lihen curled his lips. “That’s true. You paid back everything you owed back then. So why are you so absent-minded?”

Si Yehan’s face was frosty. “None of your business.”

“Tsk, you’re still as unlikable as before! However, taking your face into consideration, I’ll forgive you,” Jiang Lihen said.

Xie Qianchuan interjected, “Ah-Li, have you prepared the speech I told you to prepare yet?”

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