Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1922 - Since when was this new gig added?

Chapter 1922 Since when was this new gig added?

The sky was dark without a ray of moonlight, and night settled around them completely.

Everyone sat waiting inside the minivan. The place ahead of them was a bridge.

If someone wanted to head to the Eastern District, this bridge was a necessary crossing point unless they swam there.

“D*mn, Sis Feng…We’ve been waiting for so long without a single car in sight. Don’t teU me 1:he Martial Arts taking the water route this time! If they are, does that mean we’re waiting for nothing?”

Big Dipper asked, looking at Ye Wanwan.

Everyone’s gaze landed on Big Dipper as they rebuked in unison, “Shut your unlucky mouth!”

Big Dipper: “…”

After another half hour passed, Seven Star suddenly opened the door to the minivan.

“Sis Feng, there’s some activity,” Seven Star said.

Ye Wanwan and the others were energized instantly and got out of the minivan.

As Seven Star spoke, three big trucks were slowly driving toward the bridge in one line.

“D*mn, those are the Martial Arts Union’s transport trucks!” Big Dipper exclaimed excitedly after narrowing his eyes and seeing the license plates.

“Let’s move,” Ye Wanwan decisively ordered when she saw the transport trucks approaching.

An elderly man in ragged clothes promptly walked forward.

“Sh*t, who’s this?”

Big Dipper jolted in fright at this beggar-like old man.

First Elder ignored Big Dipper and walked onto the bridge.

A moment later, the three trucks slowly reached the entrance of the bridge. When the driver saw the scraggly looking First Elder, he frowned and rapidly pressed his horn while switching between low and high beam on his headlights.

However, First Elder appeared to have been frightened and instantly fell onto the ground, lying on his back.

“D*mn …”

Far away, the secretly observing Big Dipper was astonished. “Hustling car drivers… Since when… was this new gig added to our Fearless Alliance?”

“What should we do, Elder Jin?” the truck driver asked the elderly man sitting behind him.

Elder Jin looked ahead pensively.

He managed to ascend to the position of an elder in the Martial Arts Union, so how could he lack astuteness?

“Crush him,” Elder Jin ordered.

The driver was startled for a second before answering, “Understood.”

The truck at the front slowly drove onto the bridge and completely ignored First Elder, who was pretending to be unconscious on the ground, like he was air.

“D*mn, Sis Feng, I think we should cancel this gig of scamming drivers! It’s too dangerous!” Big Dipper hastily said to Ye Wanwan before dashing to the minivan and stomping on the gas without another word. He sent the minivan spinning to the front of the truck and blocked their path.

If First Elder died from a car accident instead, how grievous would that be?

Big Dipper didn’t dare to linger inside the minivan though and quickly opened the door and fled outside. He was blocking a truck! Who would dare to stay?


Ye Wanwan had no choice but to resort to forceful means since the first plan didn’t succeed.

Third Elder and Fifth Elder charged ahead immediately.

Second Elder, Fourth Elder, and the other hall masters refused to be left behind too. Each person ran faster than the other person and raced toward the truck.

The truck at the front was blocked by the minivan that suddenly drove in front of them, so the two trucks behind it naturally had to stop as well.

Third Elder stopped by the driver’s side of the third truck by himself and swung his fist, shattering the window. He swiftly opened the driver’s door and dragged the driver out.

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