Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1918 - A convoluted melodrama

Chapter 1918 A convoluted melodrama

Ye Wanwan’s thoughts felt rather chaotic. The information she obtained from her hypnosis session was truly too immense. On top of the two complete memory segments, there were also some fragmented memories. For example, some scenes like Worriless Nie adopting Nie Linglong, some scenes in vile environments, and some scenes where she encountered wolves, etc.

A moment later, Ye Wanwan arrived at the cafe Eldest Young Master Shen opened at Scarlet Flames Academy.

The servers at the cafe were evidently a bit fearful when they saw Ye Wanwan. A server hastily served her a cup of coffee before staying far, far away.

Ye Wanwan leaned against the back of the sofa and combed through her thoughts.

Through these newly recovered memories, Si Yehan finally had nowhere else to hide. He adamantly denied his identity, but the lie collapsed on itself now.

In the beginning, Ye Wanwan’s objective for coming to the Independent State wasn’t only to find Si Yehan but also to address the resentment festering inside her. She couldn’t understand why Si Yehan did what he did. Why did he erase memories that belonged to her and turn her into a complete stranger, Ye Wanwan?

Moreover, she once wondered if the woman Si Yehan loved was the real but deceased Ye Wanwan and if she was merely Ye Wanwan’s replacement.

However, from this hypnosis session, it was actually her own request to have her memory erased and turn into someone else… This was unbelievable and unimaginable to her.

Just what did she experience when she was still Worriless Nie?

After Si Yehan brought Worriless Nie to China, Worriless Nie was akin to a zombie and even harmed herself and used her life to threaten Si Yehan and force him into erasing her memories.

If she knew how freaking troublesome it would be to regain her memory, she wouldn’t have screwed herself over back then.

What surprised Ye Wanwan more was that rather than recovering her memories during her hypnosis sessions with the headmaster, it was more like her memories had turned into a film and replayed in the depths of her mind.

This feeling was very odd. It didn’t feel like she experienced these things herself but she could feel the same things.

Through this last hypnosis session, Ye Wanwan finally recalled Elder Jin from the Martial Arts Union as well… No wonder she felt uncomfortable when she first met him back then. She almost died in his hands.

Also, who was the man whose face she couldn’t see clearly? Why did he want her dead?

From her analysis of the obtained information, that man didn’t truly want her to die, but Ye Wanwan still couldn’t forget the hatred in his eyes. It was a terrifying, torrential hatred.

Moreover, the man kept saying that she betrayed him.

Could it be…

Ye Wanwan’s mind instantly filled out a convoluted melodrama, which she quickly realized was impossible after more thought.

One thing that greatly surprised Ye Wanwan was that Si Yehan called the wounded Worriless Nie “Xiao Feng” when he picked her up.

No matter how stupid Ye Wanwan was, she realized the identity of the “Xiao Feng” Si Yehan referred to.

“Xiao Fengfeng…Bai Feng?”

Ye Wanwan frowned. Could it be that Worriless Nie was Bai Feng, and Bai Feng was Worriless Nie? These two people were the same person to begin with?!

After thinking about it carefully, she knew Ji Xiuran had an engagement with Worriless Nie of the Nie family, but now, it was her who had an engagement with Ji Xiuran…

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