Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1915 - Isn’t she afraid of death?

Chapter 1915 Isn’t she afraid of death?

After obtaining 5,000 mercenary honor points, Ye Wanwan strode away, happily satisfied, and returned to the mission issuance area.

Moments later, in front of everyone’s astonished gazes, Ye Wanwan ripped off two S-rank missions and one S+-rank mission in succession.

S-rank mission: Obtain a personal ring belonging to Emperor Ji and obtain 10,000 mercenary honor points.

S-rank mission: Obtain a strand of hair from Lord Asura and obtain 10,000 mercenary honor points.

S+-rank mission: Escort a token (high risk of being abducted by Asura and initiating a battle) and obtain 7000 mercenary honor points.

“D*mn! Has Ye Wanwan gone mad?! Two S rank and one S+ rank, and they’re all freaking related to Lord Asura and Emperor Ji. What in the world is she thinking?!”

“I can’t understand why she’d pick those two S-rank missions at all, alright? And d*mn, look at that S+-rank mission! Escorting a token… and you also have a high risk of being abducted by Asura and initiating a battle. Isn’t she serving her life on a silver platter?!”

“However, I previously heard that Ye Wanwan accepted two missions before and defeated Seven Star and Big Dipper of the Fearless Alliance!”

“Even if she’s strong and knows some Drunken Fist and trained with monkeys and gorillas… This is Lord Asura! Perhaps Lord Asura will be there himself! This is nothing like defeating Big Dipper and Seven Star one by one!”

“When Senior Sister Nie Linglong set her record back then, she merely single-handedly finished two S-rank missions and one A+-rank mission within a month, alright? Does Ye Wanwan want to create another record? Isn’t she afraid of death?”

Ye Wanwan completely ignored everyone’s prattling and turned to leave after accepting those three missions.

If she finished these three missions, it would be 40,000 more honor points in her account. Rounding the points up, it would be enough for another hypnosis session with the headmaster… She suddenly felt like her memory would soon be recovered and these honor points weren’t so hard to earn.

After leaving the mission issuance area, Ye Wanwan first visited Elder Gong and reported her safety to him before swiftly walking toward the headmaster’s office.

When she arrived at the headmaster’s office, she knocked and entered after obtaining permission.


Ye Wanwan happily looked at the elderly man reading documents while wearing a pair of glasses.

“Did you come here to pay back some honor points?” The Scarlet Flames headmaster looked up, surveying her.

Ye Wanwan started. She freaking forgot about this… She still owed the headmaster 25,000 honor points…

“That’s right.” Ye Wanwan nodded. She pulled out her mission completion documents and paid 25,000 points back to the headmaster.

“Good, good. You kept your word.” The headmaster nodded approvingly at her.

“Headmaster, I went to China earlier and heard you liked to drink… so I brought back some stuff from China for you.” Ye Wanwan smiled and placed several bottles of liquor on his desk.

The Scarlet Flames headmaster said, “Thanks, you’re quite considerate. I also visited China once when I was young. The liquor in China is rather nice indeed.”

Seeing that the headmaster accepted it, Ye Wanwan grinned and said, “Um, Headmaster… I still have 30,000 honor points. Can you please conduct hypnosis on me?”

“Come back when you’ve gathered 50,000 points.”

“Headmaster, haven’t you heard of a saying? ‘Return what you borrowed on time, and you may borrow again next time’.

I already paid you back 25,000… I’ll just owe you 20,000 again,” Ye Wanwan cajoled.

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