Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1887 - The Independent State’s taboo

Chapter 1887 The Independent State’s taboo

“Don’t worry, Grandfather!” Fu Mingxi looked at Second Elder, his face brimming with confidence.

“Go on, Mingxi, Grandfather believes in you.” Second Elder nodded at his grandson in satisfaction.

Ye Wanwan:

Didn’t I tell them clearly that I have a lover already…? Do they not understand human words…?

“D*mn… you’re so thick-skinned!” Big Dipper gave Second Elder and Fu Mingxi a big thumbs up. In terms of skin thickness in the Fearless Alliance, the winner had to be this grandfather and grandson duo, right?

Ye Wanwan helplessly left the office, allowing Second Elder and Third Elder to keep arguing. She drove herself to the Nie residence.

Everyone in the Nie family knew about Ye Wanwan’s identity, and Patriarch Nie evidently gave specific instructions to the servants after the last time she took Tangtang outside, so she was allowed inside very smoothly.

In the living room, Madam Nie looked at Ye Wanwan with an indulgent and loving smile.

“Godmother, I brought this back from China for you.”

Ye Wanwan took out some presents for her and placed Tangtang’s presents to the side.

“You’re too kind,” Madam Nie said happily.

“Oh right, where’s Tangtang?” Ye Wanwan impatiently wanted to see her darling son… her biological son…

Madam Nie answered, “We helped Tangtang enroll in school recently, so he’s at school right now!”

“Tangtang’s at school…”

Ye Wanwan realized that Tangtang was at the age for attending school. She was truly an irresponsible mom for not even knowing this.

Ye Wanwan nodded in response. She originally wanted to directly hand these presents to Tangtang, but she would have to come again next time.

After chatting with Madam Nie for a while, Ye Wanwan planned to leave. She came to the Nie residence to see Tangtang, and since Tangtang wasn’t home, she wanted to return to Scarlet Flames Academy.

Before Ye Wanwan left the Nie residence, she saw Nameless Nie wandering around casually.

“Nameless Nie!” Ye Wanwan shouted immediately.

“D*mn… You scared me to death!”

Nameless Nie was astonished when he saw her. “Didn’t you go back to China to party? When did you come back…?”

“Forget about that. I’m asking you—what’s the deal with the Rose of Death?” Ye Wanwan wanted nothing more than to take a chunk out of Nameless Nie. This liar told her the Rose of Death didn’t exist and conned a copyright fee from her!!!

“The Rose of Death?” Nameless Nie was bewildered. “What happened? What about the Rose of Death?”

“What else could’ve happened? The Rose of Death clearly existed, so why did you tell me the Rose of Death didn’t exist? Was it just to scam some copyright fee out of me…? Return the money to me.” Ye Wanwan extended her hand toward him.

“I don’t have any money… but I have a life…” Nameless Nie promptly shook his head. She wanted him to return money that entered his pockets? No way in hell!

“Then tell me what’s the deal with the Rose of Death…? Do you know that I created a new Rose of Death after I bought the copyright from you? You’re going to be the death of me!” Ye Wanwan was beside herself with rage.

“Ah, sister… It’s not that I was lying to you. Our family did write manuscripts for the Rose of Death…” Nameless Nie smiled guiltily when he caught Ye Wanwan’s murderous gaze. “Heehee… Alright, fine, the Rose of Death does indeed exist… But it’s a taboo in the Independent State, so who’d dare to mention it…?”

“So you’re saying the Rose of Death isn’t fictional…?” Ye Wanwan asked with a frown.

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