Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1873

“President, I also don’t know any other special quality of this ring. If no one came to steal it, I would’ve thought this ring was a mere accessory… But if it’s just an accessory, why would it cause an expert from the Independent State to come and steal it? No matter how valuable it is, no one should dare to steal from our Fearless Alliance… Unless it’s unrelated to money and holds some other special meaning,” First Elder said after some thought.

Ye Wanwan naturally realized there was another use for this ring, but the actual use was the important part. If they couldn’t figure it out, keeping it on her would be risky.

Of course, this risk only applied to China. She didn’t believe that anyone would dare to steal from her after she returned to the Independent State!

“President, after we return to the Independent State, I’ll have someone look into this matter thoroughly. If we discover the culprit, we’ll make them suffer a fate worse than death and eradicate their whole clan.” Third Elder’s eyes coldly glinted.

It had always been their Fearless Alliance who stole from other people. This was the first time someone tried to steal from them… Moreover, the victim of the robbery was the President of the Fearless Alliance. If news of this got out, it would humiliate the Fearless Alliance worse than calling the police to catch Si Wutian!

Ye Wanwan didn’t care too much though since the ring was still in her possession and didn’t get stolen by the slim man. She also didn’t have much hope for discovering his identity.

Since the slim man knew her identity but still brazenly came to steal the ring, it meant two things:

First, the slim man made preparations ahead of time, and the Fearless Alliance wouldn’t discover him even if the Fearless Alliance conducted an investigation to their full abilities.

Second, the power behind the slim man wasn’t inferior to the Fearless Alliance, and he wasn’t afraid of the Fearless Alliance seeking retribution from him. Their hands would be tied even if Third Elder discovered anything.

To Ye Wanwan, it didn’t matter whether they investigated it or not.

Before Ye Wanwan could speak, her phone started ringing.

The caller ID showed “Most Beloved Darling.”

This was Ye Wanwan’s nickname for Si Yehan’s phone number.

Big Dipper caught a glimpse of the caller ID on Ye Wanwan’s screen, and his eyes shot open and glowed brightly.

“D*mn! Most Beloved Darling? Who did you give such a sickening nickname to, Sis Feng? Who, who?”

Seven Star looked at Ye Wanwan with a furrow of his brows.

Ye Wanwan herself was surprised when she saw the caller ID.

This number hadn’t lit up her phone for a long time.

After a moment’s pause, Ye Wanwan sardonically picked up her phone, “Hello, my dear?”

He especially used this Chinese number to hint at her that he wasn’t in the Independent State, right? What great effort he went through.

Big Dipper shivered and muttered to Seven Star, “Sh*t, Sis Feng’s dainty voice is giving me goosebumps!”

“Where are you?” Si Yehan’s cool and low voice was heard from the other end.

“Me? I’m in Imperial City, of course! What’s up?” Ye Wanwan replied matter-of-factly as she blinked.

The voice warmed a few degrees. “Nothing. Don’t run around wildly.”

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